6 Reasons Why Citation of Sources is Important When Writing

Citation of Sources

Every academic paper needs to be drafted on the basis of strong arguments, relevant case studies, artefacts and more of such similar points of reference. But, how would someone know or validate whether the claims made, or references cited in the paper are entirely true? This is where the context of citation comes into play. 

Unless you would cite the source or acknowledge the references used in the paper, no one would validate or recognize your work as an original piece. Not only this, but there are also other reasons why one must priorities the aspect of citations essay writers use in academic writing. 

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1.You get to keep plagiarism at bay

You won’t ever be entertained on the ground of ethics, if the academic paper turns out to be a copied replication of someone else’s work. Such cases mainly occur when students end up ignoring or missing out on the context of source or author name acknowledgement. This leads to plagiarism. 

Duplicity or plagiarism glitches occur when someone uses external sources or draws ideas and references from another work without mentioning the name or giving credit to the original source. This is marked as a grave mistake in terms of violating academic ethics. As a result, this could lead students to face serious consequences. So much so, one could get his/her paper rejected as well. 

So, this is definitely one major reason why students must acknowledge and prioritise the aspect of proper citation, while going about an academic paper. 


2. Giving someone his/her due credit is a part of ethics

If someone uses your idea to get success in life and do not care about acknowledging your contribution behind the same, would you appreciate it? Wouldn’t that be wrong and unreasonable from every single aspect? This is exactly how the concept of citation and referencing works. When a student uses someone else’s work, quotes, case study and research findings to validate his/her notions in the paper, he/she does it with an aim to have their opinions heard. 

Simultaneously, the author who had helped the student enrich his/her paper deserves all the credit and acknowledgement. It wouldn’t be fair to ignore someone’s contribution and snatch his/her much-deserved recognition in a blink of an eye. Think it over! 


3. Citation  serves the three main purposes of a research paper

If you attempt to draft the perfect research paper at the end of the day, you cannot afford to ensure the same without proper citation and add accurate references. 

Here’s why. 

  • It gives validates your perspectives based on a rationally accepted notion. This, as a result, enriches your research and backs your analytical endeavors by all means. 
  • In addition, proper
  • citation of sources in an academic paper would allow your readers to locate the area of publication and other details. 


4. It would help you become a better researcher

Research and citation go hand in hand. You cannot afford to conduct research and get away without acknowledging the source while citing your findings in the paper. Instilling the good habit of citing sources and acknowledging all references in the paper would only make you a better researcher with each passing day. In addition, citation helps in narrowing down an extensive point of analysis and fitting it in a precise format. 

Moreover, preparing a good bibliography and abiding by the essential citation rules trains you to become a researcher with constructive analytical skills from all aspects. 


5. Flawless citation makes you a better writer as well

You are entirely wrong if you think that academic writing is all about enhancing your writing skills and staying grammatically correct throughout the paper. You should not ignore the presence and application of proper citations in the paper. You won’t be considered as the perfect writer, if you miss out on acknowledging reference sources and in-text citations. Good citation practice involves a thorough evaluation of each source and acknowledging the same in accordance with the preferred format. 

According to most scholarly academicians, the use of words and phrases like “It is said that”,According to the report”, “As per the revelations”, make papers redundant. This is where proper citations and its style including oxford citation, Vancouver citation, APA citation generator, MLA generator and so more, come into play. Every time you would cite a source, you get to keep such redundancies at bay.

As a result, it would help you become a better writer with the ability to go about all research works flawlessly and in an academically ethical manner. 


6. Enhances your ability to check facts with accuracy

Research validation is one of the notable skills one must hone in order to compose a flawless academic paper in its truest sense. Unless you know how to check facts and evaluate their accuracies, you would not be able to claim that work as an original piece of composition. Not only in the case of academic writing, but fact validation is also considered as a major skill across every domain of expertise and research specialization. 

So, now that you are aware of the definitive benefits of citations in academic writing, set your best foot forward, and embrace this ethical practice for a rewarding tomorrow.