The Advantages Of Living In A Single Story Home

Single Story Home

In the old days, two-story (or more!) homes were the most popular design around, partially because they conveyed a sense of a wealthy manor, and also because big families needed to live together on a small lot! Classic two-story houses can be very attractive, with upper windows providing a commanding view of the surrounds, and charming staircases sweeping up into the luxury and comfort of the upper floor’s suite of rooms.

The problem is, two-story homes don’t age well, or more importantly we don’t age well in them, and if we plan to live in our home well into our senior years then that upper floor becomes a real problem as our mobility becomes impaired. Sure, you can install an electronic stairlift to whisk you up to the second storey like a bird taking flight, but they are expensive, highly energy-hungry, and all too often beyond a retiree’s modest means.

And so, the old-fashioned two-storey house designs have slowly fallen out of favour and demand, and have been eclipsed by- you guessed it- the single storey house design which requires no steep stairway at all! Everything you need to live is right there on one single floor, making tiresome stair climbs a thing of the past!

Advantages of Single Story Home Living

Here are some more advantages of single story home living to consider if you are in the process of choosing a new house:

Energy Efficient

One great advantage to living in a single-story home is that there is less space to heat and cool. Single-storey homes tend to be smaller so they require fewer adjustments on your temperature control system. You don’t need to worry about all that expensive heat rising to the second floor, which could become very stuffy in the winter months, or the cold air seeping down from it when the heater is turned off.

Keeping your single-storey home at a consistent temperature is easier, and while there are some temperature variances from room to room, they are not nearly as dramatic as those found in a two-story home, which will all come as a pleasant surprise when you see how low your energy bills are.

Maintenance And Safety

In addition to keeping your energy bills lower, a single-storey home can also save you a lot of time and money on cleaning and maintenance. With everything conveniently on one floor, there will be no trips upstairs hauling heavy vacuum cleaners and cleaning supplies, which will save you a lot of back-breaking work. Without a second floor, you won’t have as much area to clean, making it easier on you.

Exterior cleaning will also be a much simpler process because a dangerous ladder trip to clean grimy upper-story exterior windows and walls won’t be necessary! You will be able to see the entire process done safely with both feet planted firmly on the ground.

This will really be great when you decide it’s time to slap a new coat of paint on your home, because, once again, tall, dangerous ladders won’t be necessary! Then there is the possibility of a fire in your home, escaping from a second story might be a very risky or even impossible undertaking that requires emergency rescue, and may even end in tragedy! Contrast that with a single story home where you simply slip out the window into the garden with the only casualties being a trampled flower bed!

Convenient For The Whole Family

When living in a single-storey home, no one will need to run up and down the stairs anymore, removing any chance of an accident. Stairs might not be a big problem now while you are younger, but they can become an insurmountable obstacle as you grow older. Similarly, stairs can be hazardous for young children just learning to walk, and any chances of kids taking a bad tumble down them while roughhousing will be a thing of the past.

Another great advantage is you can sleep more soundly if you and your children are all on the same floor within easy reach of each other. This is especially important if your young child is sick and needs your care in the late hours, or if you are summoned to bring a drink of water, comfort a child after a bad nightmare, or banish a monster that is lurking under the bed! This lack of a need for stairs is probably one of the best advantages of living in a single story home.

The Australian Government’s Your Home webpages contain a plethora of useful tips and information for homeowners that might be worth taking some time to peruse. In closing, while two-storey homes did have their charms, they just aren’t worth the hassle anymore, why climb all those stairs when you can enjoy the safety, convenience, and comfort of a single story home?