Gemi Bordelon – Unveiling the Woman Behind the Footballer

Gemi Bordelon
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Gemi Bordelon has found herself in the spotlight not for her own accomplishments, but for her association with her husband, former LSU football player Ben Bordelon. However, a closer look reveals a woman with her passions and a dedication to family. While Ben Bordelon’s career achievements are well documented, there’s more to Gemi’s story than simply being a supportive spouse.

LSU Ties and Viral Fame


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Gemi Bordelon life has been closely connected to LSU football for a long time. Her husband, Ben, was a really good player for the LSU Tigers. He played as a starter for four whole seasons and even got an award called second-team All-Southeastern Conference in 1996. Even after Ben stopped playing professionally, Gemi still felt a strong bond with LSU football.

A super popular video is going around showing how excited everyone was after LSU won the National Championship. In the video, there’s this group of really happy fans, and one lady is dancing like crazy with the players. People on the internet started wondering who she was, and after some investigating, they found out her name was Gemi Bordelon. She became famous after a TikTok video of her dancing to a song called “Get the Gat” blew up online.

Beyond the Viral Moment

When that viral video blew up, everyone suddenly knew who Gemi was. But that video only showed a tiny bit of her life. According to news stories, Gemi is actually doing really well for herself in business, but we don’t know much about what exactly she does for work.

But her love for her family shines through. Gemi has been married to Ben for more than twenty years. They’ve made their home in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana, not far from where Ed Orgeron, the former LSU coach, grew up. Together, they have three kids. In fact, their daughter Brooke helped confirm Gemi’s identity in the video that went viral.

The Bond with Her Children


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Gemi and Ben aren’t big on sharing their lives online, but every now and then, their daughter Brooke gives us a peek into what’s going on in their family. Gemi and Ben have three kids—Brooke, who’s their daughter, and two sons. Just like her dad, Brooke went to Louisiana State University and finished up in 2020. And hey, she got hitched at Elvis Chapel in 2022! She shared the whole happy event with her followers online.

A Supportive Partner and LSU Advocate

In 2020, Gemi was right there at the White House when the LSU Tigers came to celebrate their big win. It shows how much she backs up her husband Ben and the team he loves. People say they got invited because they know some important folks from Louisiana, which proves how much they care about their home state.

Gemi Bordelon loves LSU, not just because she has a personal tie to it, but because she’s involved with the LSU community in some way. We’re not exactly sure how she’s connected, but maybe she spends time stepping forward or goes to events for alumni. But whatever she does, it’s clear that LSU matters for her.

Privacy and the Public Eye

Even though Gemi Bordelon sometimes gets a taste of being famous, she seems to cherish her privacy. You won’t find any stuff about what she does for work or what she likes to do for fun just by searching online. It makes sense though, especially after she became a big deal overnight because of that video everyone was sharing

Even though we don’t know a whole lot about Gemi Bordelon, it’s obvious she’s not just someone who’s mentioned briefly in her husband’s story. She’s pretty amazing in her own right. She runs her own successful business, she’s dedicated to her husband and kids, and she’s a huge fan of LSU. Even though she might not always be in the spotlight, her energy and commitment still come through, showing us what an awesome person she is.

Bottom Lines

Gemi Bordelon’s story gives us a peek into what it’s like for partners who cheer on their spouses as they chase athletic dreams. this is how much love and teamwork are involved in making those dreams come true. Maybe one day, Gemi will open up about her career path, what it’s like being married to a football player, and what she thinks about LSU sports. For now, her quiet strength and endless encouragement say a lot.