How a Styling Team will Improve the Appearance of a Property for a Quick Sale


They say that moving home property can be one of the most stressful things anyone can do. It is only natural that there will be worries when a decision is made that it’s time to venture to pastures new after making so many memories and putting in maximum effort so that a home has become a special palace where so much fun has been enjoyed.

However, choosing to move is generally a positive decision, be it that the family is about to grow, or some extra income allows for somewhere even better to be purchased property. Some may wish to downsize after the kids have grown into adults and have headed off to do their own thing. That can free up more cash to enjoy things in later life.

Before any move is possible, the process of selling a home needs to be successful. It can create issues of its own when not experienced in such matters, which is why it’s wise to seek out the help and expertise of professionals. They will be able to offer a guiding hand and increase the chances of a sale without the hassle associated with a private sale. A way to increase the chances of a sale and realise the proper asking price is to speak to experts at The Styling Project who will be able to assist in several ways.

Here Are Some Tips for the Styling Team will Improve the Appearance of a Property

  • Selling a property for the first or in a long time is guaranteed to cause headaches. Just where should an owner start to ensure that the process is smooth, and they get a satisfactory property sale as quickly as possible. That’s why choosing an estate agent wisely is vitally important, as they will have all the facts and understand any regulations that require adhering to them. Communicating with those with an eye for style will offer that little bit extra and will also increase the chances of a sale.
  • They will help style any home to make it look at its beautiful best. Nothing will put off a potential buyer quicker than visiting a property that has many things in its favour but looks as though maintenance has not been very important and it looks scruffy. That’s why choosing a team that will bring in their own furniture for a styling day when they show around as many interested parties as possible offers the best chance of a quick sale. Some might also want to consider several things before removing a tree from their garden that might cause concern.
  • The thought of seeing a home transformed so that it looks at its absolute best certainly appeals, but what happens to the furniture that belongs to the owners in the meantime? That presents no problem to a team that goes the extra mile to accommodate, as they will pack it securely and put it into storage before returning it if it’s required back at home. A team of packers will do all the hard work, saving time and money.
  • Sometimes some furniture is treasured, and the owners will want to keep it in situ. Indeed, often it can play a part in the styling plans of the agent, especially where bedrooms or lounges have recently had a makeover and have been fitted out as new. That is no issue to the creative team who will communicate and form a trusted partnership to deliver the best result. Meanwhile, the furniture and accessories from the agent’s warehouse will be delivered and placed accordingly to reveal the full potential of the home as a stunning vision greets those who view it. Maybe during a styling day, a visit to a national park might be enjoyed.
  • It’s often the case that a home has become cluttered when a family lives in it over many years, with many of us being hoarders and reluctant to throw things away. While it holds sentimental appeal, it sometimes doesn’t do a property full justice. Once decluttered, it can be amazing how much free space appears which the experts will utilise to the max. It might be new subtle stylish lamps that provide a perfect effect, or a dining table and chairs that suddenly make a room look brighter and more inviting.
  • The whole process is made simple as a booking and meet and greet are arranged, with an install date arranged. Any furniture that needs moving will be dealt with while the stylists will meet to discuss their plans so that the property is more likely to sell quickly. Photos and a presentation will also be booked while the furniture that is displayed can also be bought to take to the new home.

Choosing a professional styling agent will offer the opportunity to portray a property to its full potential and increase the chances of a successful quick sale.