Exploring the Art of Bagru Print- Tradition, Techniques

Bagru Print

Bagru print is a traditional kind of block printing that can be attributed to the picturesque village of Bagru in the valley of Rajasthan – the state that is the largest producer of handicrafts in India. This traditional way of working is dedicated to the hand of expert hand block printing where these amazing craftsmen make patterns on a wood block and then dip it into natural dyes and lastly use it to stamp prints of their own creations on the fabric. print is on the precipice of extinction because of the unskilled workforce, and the arrogance of designers who care less about tradition and practices of nature; ironically, it is still admired for the unmatchable level of its earthy tones, and geometric patterns which represent Rajasthani culture.


Being reflective of the cultural heritage of Rajasthan embodying the century-old craftsmanship and artistry in India is a very special case. Art is not only the expression of aesthetic values but also the mirror of culture which carries the faith, traditions and history of a region. It isn’t only rich in culture, history, and way of life but also continues to survive despite the obstacles facing them including the loss of artisans and the encroachment of modern techniques.


The uniqueness of the print of Bagru lies in its hand block printing techniques, considered to be one of the most exceptional abilities handed down through the old generations of skilled craftsmen.There is a sequence of steps for the whole process, from figuring out what the designs are, to dyeing the wood blocks naturally, and finally stamping the fabric with them. Such a process calls for these two qualities: accuracy and expertise.The use of natural pigments passed on through the generations from plants and minerals adds to the concern towards nature’s comforts and depicts a traditional art form handed down from ancestors.

Enduring Charm in Fashion:

It is the translation of its rich history into the contemporary fashion world, a sought-after item that people treasure for having its natural brownish tones, geometric patterns and long life. The list has traditional attire like Rajasthani Lehenga Choli and Chaniya Choli to the modern-day counterparts such as kurtas, Kurtis, shirts and quilted jackets; but whatever the design, the prints could endure the test of time and remain as the favourite design in the hearts of fashion lovers. There is no doubt that the success of traditional brands is due to their unique ability to creatively merge the culture of the past with the fashion of the present, thus satisfying both designers and consumers. 

Innovation and Adaptation:

While being integrated with the oldness of the traditions desi bagru has also recognized innovation and adoption of newness and has achieved the needs of the present-day conditions of the modern consumers. The practicalities of wearable art and the broken tradition of handicraft by the designers and artists have upgraded the techniques, use of materials and designs, adapting while preserving the authentic Bagru. This innovative attitude means that we never lose relevance and the print stays at the forefront of the modern fashion industry today.

Types of Bagru Print:

  1. Hand Block Print: The fundamental principle of Bagru, hand block printing means the precise cutting of the designs on the wood blocks and immerging them into natural dyes before putting them onto the fabric manually to give a stamp look. Via this approach, fine patterns with bright hues that are multidimensional can be produced. Textiles thus obtained are simply stunning.
  2. Rajasthani Lehenga Choli: Lehenga Choli in Rajasthanipaal has Bagru prints are the favourite of people renowned for their traditional touch and detailed art designs. The Bagru dyed print is not only unique but also has a natural beauty to it which is why it works perfectly with this apparel, be it it a wedding, festival, or cultural event.
  3. Bagru Printed Kurtas and Kurtis: Bagru prints can arguably be one of the most popular that you can find on Kurtas and Kurtis nowadays, this having brought together a unique mix of ethnicity and modernity. They can be styled for various purposes not complicated. Such attire makes it possible to dress for both casual and official events.
  4. Shirts: About the world which reflects an ethnic look by means to which those prints are appliquéd on tops becomes more charming for both men and women wearing them. Dripping with cultural richness and elegance either, whether designed as jeans bottoms or any other clothes, Bagru printed shirts are a must-have.
  5. Bagru Quilted Jackets: Although the printers of Bagru have adopted modern technology incorporated in their designs, still printers maintain their relationship with traditional clothes. Options like Bagru quilted jackets, which are made of an amalgamation of quilted prints and current design features, complement men’s and women’s modern-day outfits.

Famous Products of Bagru Print: Famous Products of Bagru Print:

  • Rajasthani Lehenga Choli: Very detailed, hand-painted fashion collections presenting these from all angles suited for weddings and joyous events.
  • Rajasthani Chaniya Choli: Varieties of these related to Navratri Occasions and other Cultural Events in which Traditional Colors are customarily worn.
  • Bagru Cotton Sarees: Similarly, the sarees printed with Bagru designs represent the magnificence and charm of India, these are perfect for occasions like marriages or special days.


The Bagru Print is what is called the print and it surely is the reflection of the glorious culture and artistic legacy of Rajasthan. Traditional dresses like Rajasthani Lehenga Choli and Chaniya Choli can be worn with changes, and now trends have moved on to Kurta, Kurtis, shirts and quilted jackets which are all so new and have the authenticity that comes with the use of Bagru Print.