Top 6 places to visit in the World in 2020

places to visit in the world

The most awaited year and decade has already started. And what are your plans for a vacation in 2020? Well, if you have none yet, you will surely have some after reading this list. Here is a list of top places to visit in the world in 2020.


places to visit in the world

Bhutan – The land of the thunder dragon is also worth a visit. There is a lot more than Bhutan has an offer to ignore it – the Himalayan Mountains, and the Buddhist culture combines well together for the most relaxing holiday. The country has more forests than any other country on earth. The mountains offer an opportunity for trekkers. The country uses only electric cars and further has no traffic signals. There are some very notable monasteries and temples that you should visit.



Places to visit in the world

India is not just a land of the Taj Mahal and Yoga. It is a burst of colors, noises, smells that could pleasantly shock your system. A lot of people live in India, but there is perfect harmony in the chaos. From the Thar Desert of Rajasthan to the Southern beaches and temples of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, everything has a different vibe. If you want to visit the country which has it all – the mountains, the snow, the desert, the beaches, the cities, and the villages, book a trip to India in 2020.



Places to visit in the world

If you have always wanted to watch the Aurora Borealis – or the Northern Lights, a phenomenon with pleasant beautiful lights that light up the winter skies, then visit Iceland this year. Iceland has many other landscapes like waterfalls, black sand beaches, but the Northern Lights are a favorite tourist attraction. For you to watch this, you will have to book an igloo to stay well in advance.


The Netherlands

Places to visit in the world - The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a happy country full of flat fields and pastures and windmills. It is also home to one of the greatest cities – Amsterdam. This is also a place where Anne Frank hid during her days of writing the (in) famous diary. 



Places to visit in the world - Aruba

Go into the Caribbean Sea where summer never ends and the beaches are always inviting. Aruba is a fun island where you can spend some time relaxing or indulging in the beach fun before the crowds arrive. Yes, this place is slowly being popularized all over social media, and in no time the crowds will arrive here. (If they haven’t yet arrived that is!) This year 2020 is the best time to visit Aruba



Places to visit in the world - Switzerland

Switzerland is the best country also one of the cleanest ones. While much of the life diversity here is depleting, there is still a chance to see the magical animals from the winter wonderland. It is also home to amazing mountains – The Alps, with beautiful meadows and pastures, farms with cows, cows with ringing cowbells, you will definitely have a tinkling adventure. What’s more, you can also visit Zurich which is the world’s financial capital and also home to the tastiest chocolates and cheese. Oh, and did I mention wine?

So this was a list of places to visit in the world in 2020. There are many other places to visit in the world, but only these could make it in the list of top 6 places.