Best Cell Phone Tracker App for Android Review

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Do you want to monitor an android cellphone? Do you know there is an app that allows spying on highly secured android devices like Samsung Galaxy S9 and many other flagship phones? In this article, we have reviewed the best cell phone tracker app for android mobile and tablets including Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, Haier, HTC, and Huawei among others. It enables the user to secretly access data saved on a handset. More interestingly, it lets you see what is happening in the surrounding of a target device. Read on to know about features and further detail of the app.

Best Cell Phone Tracker App

Have you ever used a tracking app? If yes, you would be familiar with the functioning of such apps. The technologists have designed trackers for mobile to enable a person to monitor and control that device without physical access. A mobile installed with this app can be located and operated from anywhere. The app comes with an online control panel through which the end-user can monitor the device and send commands to it. Read on to know about the core features of the high-tech mobile tracker app OgyMogy.

Read messages

The Android surveillance app lets you read messages received on a handset without accessing it. It creates an online backup of incoming and outgoing text and multimedia messages to enable the user to retrieve them from anywhere.

Call recording

The tracker acts as a secret call recorder and records inbound and outbound phone calls. It also monitors call logs and allows blocking incoming calls from annoying contact numbers.

Screen recording

The app lets you see whatever appears on the screen of an android phone. No matter how far you are from the phone. The app allows the recording screen of a device for a specific period. After the recording screen, it uploads the video to the web portal.


The surveillance app also offers screenshots to let the user know what actions are being performed on the targeted Android device.

Monitor social media

Social media posts, chats, friend-list, follower-list, and more can be monitored without following account of the object. The android spy app can track all commonly used social apps including top-notch Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.

Locate device

Have you missed your Android device? The tracking app lets you find it by showing you the exact current GPS location of the device. It also provides the location history of the missing device.

Track Browsing History

The internet browsing history of your target’s mobile can be accessed with the help of the tracker app.

Remote control mic and camera

You can watch out what is happening in the surrounding of an android device. You can do so by turning on the camera and microphone of that device via the online control panel of the spy app.


The android spy app is easy to install and use. The non-tech savvy parents can make use of this high-tech surveillance app without any difficulty. Moreover, the app enables business owners and managers to keep an eye on the digital activities of their employees to boost their efficiency and thwart unnecessary acts.