Types of Printing Techniques Used by Web-to-Print Industry

Printing Techniques

With the technological excellence in the print industry, utilizing print methods has also evolved. Moreover, the introduction of Printing Techniques has changed the way printing firms offer and operate earlier.

Web-to-print is the innovative SaaS-based software that offers your business world-class solutions from printing services to management tools. It makes your business manage print orders and design tools efficiently.

However, with the usage of web2print, the demand for various printing types is booming already. It opens the door to new opportunities for your print business. The web-to-print software provides easy-to-use customization options to deliver a better customer experience.

Additionally, it automates printing jobs and reduces errors in the process. No matter how big your print firm is, using W2P makes you offer a large range of printing types proficiently. In this blog post, we have mentioned 6 on-demand printing types you can offer with innovative web-to-print tools.

6 On-Demand Printing Methods Web-to-Print Offers for your Printing Firm

Web-to-print has been a game-changer in the print industry. It offers different types of printing methods. You can get the customization and design toolkit for these printing types. So, let’s have a look at the list of all printing methods that w2p offers;

Digital Printing

Firstly, the most prevalent type of printing these days is digital printing. It is a new-age technique that offers inkjet and laser printing. Digital printing is the practice of reproducing digital images of any physical surfaces including cloth, plastic, metals, etc. It enables you to send digital files directly to the printers.

As digital printing offers digital PDF files, it eliminates the need for printing plates. Hence, it is one of the most cost-effective methods in the market. It takes less time on production and offers print-on-demand solutions. You will get high-quality print products quickly.

It ensures image resolution, clarity, and content of the print file. Usually, digital printing is essential for delivering posters, signage, and other marketing materials such as newsletters, flyers, etc.

All-in-all if you are planning to make your print startup, then digital printing can make you get success in no time. So, get digital printing for your business and skyrocket sales efficiently.

3D Printing

Over the past few years, 3D printing has taken a great leap and projected maximum demand in the market. 3D printing is not a too new concept but has gained immense popularity due to its innovative techniques. Basically, 3D printing utilizes computer-aided design (CAD) for creating three-dimensional objects.

It permits you to utilize various sizes and shapes to add layers and customize the 3D printing designs. However, 3D printing is one of the most interactive printing techniques used in making 3D packaging and promotional materials.

The whole process of 3D printing is computerized and requires digital 3D models. For getting high-end 3D print files ready, there are a couple of printer software like web-to-print that offer world-class printing solutions and serve you with innovative 3D printing designs.

Therefore, 3D printing is the need of the present time and can make your print business accelerate in the print market.

Screen Printing

Now comes the printing type that utilizes a variety of colors range for printing. Screen printing is well-known for offering unique prints on fine materials such as fabric. It is generally used to transfer print designs or images to other materials. For example, printing T-shirts and clothes.

Screen printing has been in practice since around the 20th century and is still in demand. It provides better-quality image prints on fabrics. Usually, it is done in bulk quantities. Moreover, you can offer logo printing, fabric poster printing, and many more.


Flexography (often known as Flexo) is another renowned printing method that provides printing on uneven or irregular surfaces. It is usually used for creating packaging products. Furthermore, it is recognized as a modern type of letterpress printing.

Flexography normally utilizes semi-liquid inks and a quick-drying approach. And it is best for producing high-volume printing Techniques jobs. This printing is used for making cartoons, wallpapers, wrappers, disposable cups, etc. So, you can make good quality prints on plastic and cardboard with flexography printing methods.

Large Format Printing

As the name suggests Large-format printing Techniques are in high demand for producing prints on the highest width of print rolls. It allows you to produce printed marketing materials such as banners, building wraps, hoardings, etc. The printing of large graphical representations of your marketing campaigns is portrayed in Large paper rolls.

Web-to-print software offers your print business the ability to produce Large-format designs swiftly. It has custom-built design tools for creating Large prints of your desired sizes. Moreover, it allows using a flatbed press or a rolled inkjet press. You will get amazing wallpapers and advertising materials with Large-format printing.

This practice is also effective in catching the attention of onlookers. Consequently, a Large format is always the primary for marketing and advertising agencies to promote their business. Therefore, Large format printing even after being the traditional print approach will remain the requirement for showing business brands in large sheets with visually appealing graphics and CTAs on it.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is the prevalent printing type also referred to as offset lithography or litho. It is Largely used for printing on rough surfaces such as wood, canvas, etc. Generally, it is used for mass-production printing.

It is the most common printing method used for printing Techniques on plates. The plates are made of aluminum and the image or graphics are printed on them. These plates are shifted (offset) onto blankets or rollers before going for printing Techniques media.

So, the reason for naming it offset is because it first goes on roller rather than direct printing. However, offset printing is utilized for producing superior-quality products for any size, dimension, and surface. The web-to-print solution assists in making high-resolution print designs based on client requirements.

The End Note

Starting your W2P storefront with any of the above-mentioned printing Techniques types can boost your business visibility. The solution also manages your business by streamlining workflow and overseeing orders.

All the printing Techniques methods are cost-efficient and W2P has customization options that help in making state-of-the-art designs with just a few clicks. Therefore, firstly you should start by investing in w2p software and get your online print store ready.

Moving further, you should choose a few or all printing Techniques methods to expand your printing capabilities. Get your print business on track and introduce the best-suited printing method for your print firm!