Avoid Some Myths About Vacuum Cleaner for Sofa


The living room is the place where the family members spend most of their quality time together. To make a living room cozy and comfortable, it must have plenty of comfortable seating like sofas, chairs, cushions, and carpets. Since you spend a lot of time here, you need to ensure that the room remains clean. It is highly likely that you dust the wooden furniture like tables and stands in the room by wiping the dust clean and use your vacuum cleaner for the home to clean the carpet regularly to ensure the dust is not collected there.

Very often, people are particular about cleaning but miss out on cleaning the sofas and cushions with the same dedication. This can be attributed to certain myths that are prevalent about sofas and using a vacuum cleaner for their cleaning. Though the whole house is vacuum-cleaned at least once a week, the sofas are not. Let’s see the common misconception about using a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the sofa.

The Sofas Don’t Need to Be Vacuumed as Frequently as Carpets

People believe that the sofas do not get as dirty as the rest of the furniture and it is okay to have them deep-cleaned once in a while without worrying. That is very harmful to your sofa. You spend a lot of time sitting on the couches and carry out all kinds of activities, including reading, sleeping, watching TV, working as well as eating. The sofa is prone to collecting dust, dirt, and crumbs in the corners and in between the seats. Therefore, these require to be cleaned at least as frequently as the carpets if not more often. Using an efficient vacuum cleaner that can suck out all the dust and clean the crevices of the sofa can prove helpful.

Vacuum Cleaners Cannot Deep Clean Sofas

The perception is that the vacuum cleaner can only remove dust from the surface and the grime that gets deposited in the corners and the depths of the sofa needs special cleaning equipment. If the sofas are cleaned regularly using a specially designed vacuum cleaner for sofa that sucks the dust from the depths of its seats, the grime would not settle and the sofa will remain clean without the need for any external servicing.

Vacuum Cleaners Cannot Remove Odours from Sofas

The odours in the sofas result from the dirt and grime that gets collected in them. When the sofa is cleaned well, there is no chance of the odour remaining behind. A vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter ensures that all the dirt, bacteria and odours are removed from the sofa without releasing any of it back into the atmosphere. This leaves your sofa feeling and smelling fresh and clean. The long gaps between your cleaning routine can make your sofa susceptible to dirt and make the cleaning harder. Hence, you must clean it regularly to ensure that the sofas and hence the rooms are free of germs and bad odours.

Vacuum Cleaners Cannot Disinfect Sofas

This certainly will depend on the kind of vacuum cleaner you use. A vacuum cleaner that is designed specially to clean upholstered surfaces like sofas and mattresses will remove dirt and disinfect your home. Such a cleaner that has the capability of removing bacteria, dust, allergens, and other micro-particles would be fitted with HEPA filters. They remove 99.97% of all particles and microorganisms greater than 0.3 microns. Additionally, certain vacuum cleaners designed for cleaning sofas are integrated with UV light to ensure that the sofas are disinfected and are safe for the use of your family.

Sofas are a part of the house that need special care because they are a favorite of all members of the house, probably including your pet dog if you have one. This furniture and your beds are very similar in nature, so you must use a vacuum cleaner that has been specially designed to care for them. If not, you might be able to remove the dust from the surface, but you cannot guarantee that the germs and the odours are removed along with the dirt and grime that continues to settle inside. Your choice will depend on what kind of cleanliness you need for the most used furniture in your home.