5 Most Incredible TikTok Plugins For WordPress Websites In 2022

tiktok plugins

It is undeniable that out of all the forms of content, video content is the most effective and has exploded in popularity due to its strong impact. When we speak of video creation platforms, YouTube tops the list. However, there is another platform that is growing steadily and has managed to create a massive user base of over 800 million active users! 

We are talking about TikTok and we are quite certain that you must be well-acquainted with it due to its quirky presence. 

TikTok enables its users to create short videos ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. The users can create a wide range of videos right from tutorials, lipsyncing, comedy, dance, etc. To make the videos impactful, the users can add various effects like filters, backgrounds, quirky sounds, stickers, etc to engage their followers more in their content. 

Formerly known as Musical.ly, this platform has become a huge sensation for youngsters especially Generation Z over the years due to the fun and engaging nature of the platform which has crossed 2 billion downloads. Further embedding TikTok videos on the website is a great way for marketers to reap incredible benefits that we will be covering as you continue reading. 

Continue reading this post till the end as we shall be guiding you through the most effective plugins that can be used to embed TikTok video on your website. Even though there are various TikTok plugins to do the needful on the WordPress directory. You need to choose the best one for the WordPress website. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started! 

The Ultimate TikTok Plugins For WordPress Websites

1. Social Media Feeds Plugin by Tagembed

Social Media Feeds WordPress Plugin

First up on the list is the social media feeds plugin by Tagembed, a promising and extremely responsive plugin that does the job of aggregating content from various social media platforms including TikTok, and embedding it on WordPress website. 

Before the users embed TikTok videos on the website, they can seamlessly increase the impact and improve its effectiveness by leveraging the multiple features of the platform. Users can use the customization options of the plugin to improve the presence of the TikTok feeds using a variety of colors, templates, layouts, fonts, etc. 

The content moderation panel of the plugin allows users to get rid of any inappropriate or unwanted content from the feeds. The users can also keep the performance of the TikTok videos in check. They can get insights into details like impressions, total clicks, and likes, engagement level, etc. 

This plugin also has active back support for assisting the customers if they come across any issue or technical hindrance while using the platform. 

2. Taggbox Widget Plugin

Taggbox widget

Another responsive and fast social media feed plugin for the WordPress website is the Taggbox widget plugin. This plugin, too, enables its users to collect, curate, and embed content from various social media platforms including TikTok on the website. The overall embedding process is pretty simple and the plugin does not affect the speed and performance of the WordPress website in any way. 

The plugin has no complex structure and offers various features like a wide array of customization options, a profanity filter for content moderation, insightful details, and active back support. 

3. Embed Block For TikTok

Embed Block for TikTok

Another plugin that allows you to seamlessly embed TikTok videos on the WordPress website is the Embed block for TikTok. You get the option to embed the videos on the webpage, post, or blog. 

As the name of the plugin suggests, it adds a TikTok block to the block editor that makes it super easy to embed TikTok videos. If the users wish to embed the TikTok video with the caption, song, or username of the video, it can happen by adding the block to a post or page and integrating the URL. 

4. WP TikTok Feed 

WP TikTok Feed

WP TikTok Feed is a WordPress plugin that allows users to embed TikTok feeds easily and in a couple of seconds on the WordPress website. The plugin is extremely easy to install and activate. 

After aggregating the TikTok videos, the users can leverage the customization options to improve the look of the TikTok feeds. They can select from their preferred styling options like button styles, layouts, background options, and various other settings. The best part about the plugin is that it is mobile-friendly and compatible with all the WordPress themes. 

5. TikTok Box WordPress Plugin 

TikTok Box WordPress Plugin 

The main idea behind this plugin is to showcase your TikTok profile on your WordPress website. The functionality of the plugin is based on shortcodes. The best part is that you get full control over customizing and optimizing its look. 

It’s extremely easy to set up, doesn’t require any coding skills or technical expertise to install, for its activation. Additionally, the users also get the option of removing any videos that they wish to hide. The users get to select their preferred option from three different layout options to increase its impact. 

Benefits Of Embedding TikTok Videos On The Website 

As promised at the beginning of this post, in this section. We are going to highlight a few benefits of integrating TikTok feeds on your website. 

Embedding TikTok videos on the website can – 

  • Boost the engagement of your website visitors 
  • Target more potential customers using the power of videos 
  • Showcase fun and engaging content 
  • Drive more traffic on the website 
  • Improve the look of your website 
  • Reduce the website’s bounce rate 
  • Offers SEO benefits 
  • Increase sales and conversions 

Closing Note  

With a massive user base all over the world. TikTok has made its way into becoming the most downloaded app on the Apple store! 

Taking advantage of this, brands and marketers have begun to embed TikTok videos on WordPress websites. If you have not yet tried this strategy, then you are letting your competitors surpass you! Now that you are aware of the best TikTok plugins for adopting this strategy. Use these key benefits, pick up your best fit, and leverage it immediately!