7 Ways to Utilize your Social Media Platform for Business

social media for business

Social media nowadays is more than just a place for personal means of existence. Social media is a marketing tool, an integral marketing tool for you who run business.

Social media is essential to increase traffic on your website. It helps connect with your audience, build brands on various platforms, create credibility for your business, bring brand awareness, which means as a way for your business to become more known.

You have to manage this social media presence as well as you can. Managing social media, in the best way, will automatically open the door to a business’s success.

Here are seven tips or ways to utilize social media to get more traffic towards your business website.

1. Get To Know The Functions Of Each Social Media Platform

Wise business-people in social media are those who genuinely know what social media platforms are most appropriate for their needs. You also need to understand what content to post on social media.

You need to know what’s the most relevant social media for your business that is often used by your target customers.

For example, if you are going to sell video games, it doesn’t make sense if you use Instagram or LinkedIn as a marketing medium. Maybe Raptr, WeGame, or a place where gamers like to hang out is the most appropriate social media platform.

2. Understanding Prime-time Or Strategic Time On Each Day

Trivial, but if you understand this strategy as well, it will be very beneficial for your business.

The selection of the right time and day will be closely related to the type of content, the amount of content that was seen before the missing feedback, the kind of audience, the way the viewer accesses social media, and others.

In general, the best time to post is considered to be 1 AM till 4 AM, and the worst is the weekend before 8 AM. Posting at this particular time can ensure optimal activity on each post, which means that you can engage your audience to learn more about your business and ultimately attract them to visit your website.

3. Use Hashtags To Simplify And Categorize Searches

Hashtags are most commonly used on Instagram and are a trick to optimize every Instagram post. If you want your posts to be easily found and directly targeted, you should use hashtags. Using the right hashtag can grow your brand or business popularity.

4. Collaboration With The Influencers

Social media influencers are currently being used as a new marketing medium that has quite a powerful effect.

Influencers are those who are popular on social media by using personal brands, so you can use it to create keen brand awareness in the public eye.

You can apply this kind of strategy on Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube platform. You can invite or collaborate with celebrities, YouTubers, bloggers, and others in exchange for promotions.

Many companies who run youtube marketing have applied this. If you haven’t done it yet, you should start now.

5. Create Eye-pleasing Visuals and A Gripping Caption

Any content that you post on social media must be attractive. Post something with fun images, imbued with smart, original, or inspirational captions.

In 2020, video content can grab your audience’s attention more than other types of content. By doing this, your post will be glimpsed more than just the ordinary ones.

Make your audience pay attention to your posts; do it the right way. Avoid planting multiple links in one post. Don’t use too much text because social media is an entertainment platform.

People will occasionally scroll, and will not be patient if you read long-winded posts.

6. Offer A Campaign, Giveaway, Promo, Or Contest On Social Media

Everyone would like free stuff. Isn’t that right?

So, occasionally use your product or service as a gift. Do a campaign on social media, make sure the public can also find this campaign.

The best way to do the battle is to provide terms or conditions that participants have to invite or disseminate campaigns to get prizes.

In this way, your business is expected to be increasingly known, and many people are interested in the brand or campaign that you are running.

7. Make Sure Your Brand Is Present In Every Post So That It Sticks In The Audience Mindset

Whatever you do, make sure you continue to carry your brand to be present in every post. Post things that correlate with your brand or business.

Don’t attack the audience with a large brand logo on every social media post. You can mention the name of a particular brand or product in the post.

Either routine or occasionally is not a problem as long as you can instill the audience’s mindset always to remind your business and interested in visiting your website.


You can apply those seven ways to utilize social media right away. If you do it continuously, it will help you to attract lead and traffic to your business website.

Experiment with your audience and monitor the results to find out the best strategy for your business. If you do it routinely and painstakingly, believe me, this will all have an impact on your traffic and ROI.