10 Questions That You Must Ask With Your Moving Company

moving company

Moving into a new place is something that most of us don’t do on a regular basis. So to understand the whole game we need lots of research.

From selecting the right mode to hiring a professional, everything requires smart work and patience.

Shifting to a new place can be exciting as well as challenging. There are various things that need to take care of while shifting. The best way to shift is to hire professional movers and packers from Delhi to Gurgaon.

But you can’t just randomly hire any company by its brand name or ratings. You need to know the questions that you should ask before giving a nod to any company.

If you are stuck and don’t know the exact question that you should ask your mover and packer then this article is for you.

How Long You have to Be in this Industry?

The first question that you should ask the company is that what’s their experience is. Start from the history. You should ask whether they are experienced ones or new players.

Even if they are new then check their past customers. The biggest mistake that people often do is that they go with the brand name, blindly trust them. There are many cases where the brand even takes small orders for granted.

Can You Provide References?

A well-reputed company will surely share the details of their past companies without any hesitance.

But if a company who has not worked properly in the past and their customers are not satisfied will do if but in providing the number.

This checking will help you in identifying the future scam from miles away. Also, check out the ratings and reviews and further deal smartly.

Can You Provide the Documentation of Your License?

The best way to measure the credibility of the company is to check its license. The government does not issue the license without proper verification.

Sometimes just to save a few amounts people select the unlicensed ones. Can you think of losing your goods or who will be responsible for the damage? So always check the documentation before hiring.

What types of Moving Estimate Does Your Company Offer?

The two most common ways that the moving company offer to their customers are binding and non-binding estimates.

A binding estimate means that the price mentioned in an estimate is the amount you pay even if there end up being unforeseen extra costs.

A non-binding estimate means that the price you ultimately pay will probably end up being different than the estimated price movers told you at the beginning

How Does the Company Calculate the Price?

There are multiple factors on which a moving company charges its customers.  It’s based on weight, distance, season, and rates of labor.  So you should clear everything before hiring a company.

Ask the company to give you the exact detail of the amount, so that you can prepare a budget properly. Also, make sure that there is no hidden charge in it.

Does Your Company Hire Your Employees After Checking their Background?

The ultimate work will be carried out by the workers. They are the ones who will enter your house. From packing to unpacking and rearranging they do all that.

The company needs to be very particular about its background before hiring its workers. They can’t just randomly select anyone, rather they should verify them.

How Your Company Handles Loss or Damage to the Product?

Before hiring any movers and packers you need to go through the claim process. While goods are moving from one place to another there is a risk of damage. Now, who will take the responsibility for that?

The movers and packers company usually provide insurance, but not all of them. So you need to about the details regarding insurance.

Does Your Company Guarantee the Delivery Date?

Almost every moving company gives estimates of when your stuff is likely to arrive, but unless they guarantee their delivery dates, they could very well be late without owing you anything.

So you should ask about the discount if the movers delay the shipment.

What if in Case I Need to Cancel the Order?

There are multiple reasons because of which one can cancel their order. So the company should be generous enough to refund the amount. You should ask for the process of refund in case of cancellation. Never go for the company that is asking for complete payment in advance.

What is the Payment Procedure for the Move?

Before hiring a packers and movers company you should ask payment procedure. What are the stages in which they require payment? It varies from company to company.

You should select the best one according to your preference. Also, ask for the receipt so that everything is on paper.


These were some basic questions that you must ask before hiring any movers and packers company.

Do proper research and select wisely. Shifting indeed is a hectic task, but it can be done if worked smartly. Best of luck with your move!!!!