How to Reduce the Cost of House Moving?

house moving

House moving is not only cumbersome and stressful but expensive too! Especially if you rely on packers and movers agencies for your home relocation!

But relocation costs also depend on the area where you are relocating. If it is within the city, it would cost you less. On the other hand, if you are house moving to a new state then you will certainly have to shell out thousands of bucks from your pocket.

Whether you are relocating within the town or to a new location in another city, here are some tricks that will help you save some money on your next relocation:-

Moving boxes are costly so the least you can do is to seek the free boxes from somewhere or through your acquaintances, friends, community groups, etc.

Managing free boxes is a surefire way to cut extra relocation costs spent on boxes. You can get these boxes online or check out the grocery stores, offices, liquor stores to find them as per your requirement.

  • Pick the Right Moving Date

If you choose the right date and time, it is going to make a big difference in terms of reducing your shifting costs. The peak season for house moving in India is from May to September. So, if you opt for this season for your home relocation, then relocation costs will cost you much.

So, it is always advisable to go for the off-season as your costs will likely be much lower than compared to the peak season. After all, your main objective is to save a few bucks and if you think wisely and choose the right time for your relocation, your home shifting will be affordable to you.

  • Do not Stick to just One Packers and Movers Company

Don’t just limit yourself to contact only one professional packers and Movers Company!

At least try to receive quotes from 3 packers and movers companies as that will help you judge the best company as per your moving requirements.

Contacting multiple packers and movers companies will also help you differentiate between their packers and movers Noida charges and pick the one which goes well with your budget requirements.

You can also try calculating your total house shifting costs through a packers and movers calculator online and check whether that would be a good deal for you or not. Once you manage to find the best deal, you are good to go!

  • Try Packing Yourself

Hiring the top packers and movers would be expensive for you! Getting packers and movers services will indeed speed up your whole moving process, but it will increase your total moving cost.

Packing charges may vary from company to company, so try to enquire about their hourly parking rates and also how much time they will usually take for their packing services. If their packing services are costly, you can try packing your stuff on your own.

  • Bargain with Your Moving Company

Sometimes, there is a possibility to get packers and movers services at a better price! So, it is better to bargain than to yield to the charges quoted by your moving company!

Maybe a slight negotiation will be immensely helpful for you to get a better price for these services. The rates charged by the moving company must comply with your budget requirements. You are not going to lose anything if you bargain with the home relocation company! Besides, your moving company can suggest to your ways to cut down your moving cost if you talk to them to lower their price.

  • Try to Shift in the Off-Season

Every industry has a peak season and the moving industry is no exception! In India, the packers and movers company are extremely busy in summer as many people relocate in the summers i.e. May to September. So, moving out in the off-season can be another cost-saving tip for the ones who are tight on the budget and looking for the best ways to save their money.

If it is not possible for you to move out in the off-season then picking a weekday in the middle of a month will surely cost you some bucks.

  • Buy Moving Insurance

Buying moving insurance can help you cut down your moving expenses! Human beings commit mistakes which create a strong base to think of having moving insurance while home relocation.

If you are relocating your precious belongings, and they are lost or damaged by the moving company employees, then your damage will be covered by your insurance company, which would be a great relief for you.


If you are getting ready to move out and looking for ways to slashing your moving expenses, then the above-stated tips will help you save your money and streamlining your complete house relocation process.