How to Select the Right Movers and Packers for House Shifting

house shifting

House shifting is part and parcel of life. But the fact that can’t be denied is that it’s notoriously stressful. The main task is to pack each and every good in such a manner so that it can be easily transferred from one house to another through packers and movers from Pune to Bangalore.

The stress can’t be fully accomplished but yes there are few ways by which you can reduce it. Today we will discuss those ways.

Pack Similar Items Together

While piling up things, similar items should be packed together so that at the time of unpacking to you can keep them orderly. This will make it arranged. For example, newspapers, magazines, books should be packed together.

Similarly, clothes need to be packed together such as tops, shirts or tees should be packed together. This will help in managing the mess.

Bubble Wraps Need to be Added

Even while online shopping, one thing that’s common is that the order that can be broken or damaged or need special care is always wrapped in bubble sheets. This sheet works as a protecting shield for your goods.

While wrapping stuff such as a flower vase or any statues made up of clay or POP, what you need to do is wrap them with a bubble sheet.

Dismantle Appliances Before Packing

Instead of packing the appliances in their original shape, you should dismantle their part. By doing this you will save space, and it will be easy to pack them carry them.

But yes one step that you really can’t miss during this dismantle is to make a video while doing the process. This will help in further assembling of goods/appliances.

Must Pack Box of Essentials Separately

While moving to new house essentials such as a hammer, the screwdriver will be a must-have. In order to keep everything in an arranged manner, you will surely need them.

Essentials also contain a first-aid box which is something that can’t be skipped while packing. So don’t forget to pack it separately.

Label Each and Every Box

One of the most prominent factors that you should do while packing is to label them. The boxes mostly look the same from the outside hence it becomes really difficult to know what you have packed inside. To avoid this hassle label the box with the room number and name of the product inside.

Always Refrain from Filling the Boxes to the Brim

This most common mistake people usually do while packing. In order to reduce the number of boxes people usually fill the boxes to the brim. This can damage the product inside. Or there are chances that due to extra pressure from inside, the tapping may tear. This can lead to product damage or the product could be lost.

Roll Your Clothes While Packing

This is the most common hack that travelers follow while traveling. This roll and pack method is the best way by which who can pack more clothes in a smaller space.

This rolling method is super easy and can be learned very easily. This method also reduces the wrinkles on the clothes. This will reduce your work as you will not need to iron the clothes before keeping them in the wardrobe.

Try Out Role Tubes to Pack Wires

We all are well aware of the struggles that we face while detangling our earphones. So you can easily interpret the struggle to detangle the wires. To resolve this issue you can simply use toilet roll tubes to pack them individually. Afterward, you can easily label them and assemble them in one box.

Keep All the Valuable Items in a Safe Place

Valuable assets such as pieces of jewelry or any precious ornaments can’t be risked. You can’t even blindly trust anyone. So while you are doing all the house shifting things, the best and safest option for your precious items is to pack them nicely and keep them in the bank locker until all the house shifting is done.

Pack One Room at a Time

Things that are done in an ordeal manner never create a hassle. So in order to avoid the rush pack accordingly. Firstly go with a room. The ultimate thing that is required for packing is time and management.

So give time to it and do not rush, start with a room first, once rooms are done half of the stress is over. Further, go for halls and other parts of the house.


Isn’t it simple? Just with the right tricks and hacks, you can easily make this whole task super easy and exciting. What you just need to do is follow all the above steps and you are done. And also you can hire the best packers and movers from Bangalore to Chennai.