Canada Immigration And COVID 19: Where Does It Stand till the end of 2020

canada Immigration

I would be ungrateful if I do not pen down this Royal Migration Review, and not just review, but also as a way of passing information about what the Canadian immigration holds for the rest of the year.  I applied for permanent residence through  Royal Migration, and their support is one I will always cherish. They went far and beyond to help me out and by the time the COVID 19 pandemic kickstarted, all processes have been completed. And if Canada seems like your dream country either to settle down or for studies, you might as well go ahead and apply for a visa. Not even a pandemic can delay you. What to expect about Canadian immigration this year? Here are important changes and things that IRCC has laid down. Let’s dig in

What is the current scenario of Canadian immigration?

Just like most countries, Canada issued temporary travel restrictions in a bid to curtail the spread of the coronavirus. Travels were only limited to essential ones including international students who have their visa approved before or on May 18, 2020,  permanent resident approved on or before May 18, the immediate family of Canadian citizens or permanent residents, and some certain foreign workers.

However, the good things are Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are put in place certain measures to ensure that international students are taking care and borders are being opened for permanent residents.

Visa offices are opened across various countries to provide immigration services and aid the quick processing of visa applications.

Internation students studying online due to the COVID 19 are allowed to be qualified for the post-graduation work permit. Plus, incomplete applications that involved biometrics are allowed until students will be able to provide the details.

Moreover, the number of permanent residents that are being welcomed in recent months has been on the rise. 4,000 permanent residents welcomed in April, 11,000 in May, while June welcome 19,200 newcomers.

What to expect in Canada immigration for the rest of 2020 amid the COVID 19?

With the June records increased and the travel restrictions expected to ease, the number of Canadian immigrants will increase before the year runs out. Canada is open to newcomers and is expecting a surge in the number of immigrants. There is no better time than now to apply for that visa application and contact Royal migration to help you with the processing amid the crisis. Read Royal Migration Reviews for more info.

Moreover, the express entry system has been stable with no changes made despite the pandemic as Canada issues upwards of 3,500 invitation to apply every two weeks.

A country that expects more than a million new arrivals between 2020 and 2022, including 341,000, we cannot ignore the fact that the COVID 19 restrictions have greatly impacted the immigration and the figures are expected to be lower than the number projected.

Whether for study, work, or permanent residence permit, Royal Migration is here to help. Understand what you want, read Royal Migration reviews for more conviction, and contact them for their selfless service. You can never go wrong with this immigration company.