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Chemistry is a subject that is not that loved by the students but it is definitely a subject that is extremely useful in the long run. Chemistry if learned properly can prove to be a fascinating subject with a wide range of topics and concepts all around but if you fail to understand it properly then you may feel disoriented and even try to avoid the subject. But doing so can create a wide range of problems for you as Chemistry is important and even mandatory for several career options. Many students find that despite trying their level best, they seem to fail the desired marks in Chemistry exams and this takes away their interest from the subject. The subject in itself is a series of concepts which is all interconnected with the other but if you miss out on one or any of the concepts are not completely clear to you then you may definitely face difficulties further on. But do not worry, as the best chemistry tutors of Singapore is here to help you out with the most effective studying tips which may help you to score more and learn the subject easily.

Brush up the lessons before attending the class

There is no better way than brushing up the last lessons you learned in class before attending a lecture. Most of the chemistry tutors will always advise you to prepare ahead of the lesson so that when you are attending the class you will be able to understand it in a better way. It is always a much better idea to give your notes a look before class begins instead of scratching your head while your teacher is explaining and vowing to re-read your notes at home. This will create a clear idea of what you need to get clarified from the teacher.


Chemistry is not like those subjects which you can just crack by memorizing everything. For truly understanding and taking command of any science subject, you need to keep practicing it regularly. You need to avoid rushing through notes the night before an exam as it will not actually work for this subject. A much helpful strategy for revision is to attempt a Ten Year Series early for properly carry on your learning progress. With that being said, you need to memorize a lot of formulae and definitions and with this, the next point is interconnected.

Using Study Tools

Many students have reported that because of the huge amount of the Chemistry notes, it is always helpful to write out certain definitions, terms, diagram and chemical formulae on flashcards, posit-its or a mind map to make sure that they are not skimmed over when you are revising the entire notes stack. If you write down these bits of information separately it will also help when you are quizzing yourself regarding specific diagrams or definitions. Yes, so try this out today and be able to observe the progress yourself quickly.

Study in groups

Chemistry has a lot of things which you need to cover, some of which are very easy to understand than the others. Each student can have their strength or liking for a specific topic so it is better to take advantage of it. When you are studying in a group, then it is very much easy for you to get your weak points cleared from your friends. And again you can also help one of your friends to learn the topics in which they are not that good enough. Group studies can be very fun and yet effective, so try it.

Ask questions to your teacher

During several times it appears that the teacher is very strict with disciplines and all that but every teacher is there for one purpose that is to help you progress in your life. This always includes helping you out when you are lagging to get hold of what is in there in your textbook or if you are not sure about how to carry out an experiment. You can voice out your confusion so that the teacher does not leave you behind. Everyone has a different pace of learning so you must not be afraid of showing that you still have not understood something by raising your hand to ask a question. Allow your Chemistry Tutor to help you out, and you will ace the subject in no time.

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