Global Solar Power Generator Market

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Automatic backup power is very essential when there are power outages and this is where solar power generators come in, says experts of Borg Energy. With the rising shortage of electricity across the globe as the population increased, it’s not surprising that solar power generator demand has skyrocketed across the globe.

It’s a device that works together with solar power which uses energy derived from the sun to produce voltage. This generator gives you a reliable power supply without having to deal with environmental pollution, unreliable power supply, noise and many more. Solar power generators come in different sizes, capacities, and types. Hence, there is always something to meet consumers’ needs, requirements and budgets.

Here, Borg energy, a company harnessing solar and wind power and providing micro power plant to the masses take a look into the market of solar power generators.

What influences the rapid adoption of solar power generators?

The basic set-up of a solar generator includes a solar panel, rechargeable battery, inverter and solar power. In this, the solar panel converts the energy from sunlight using photovoltaics which is then stored into batteries for later use, says experts of Borg Energy.

This means the energy is mainly from what Mother Nature has blessed us with- the sun. Therefore, it is free and there is access to unlimited sources of energy once you are in an area with an optimal amount of sun. All that is required is the cost of investment which is also affordable.

Moreover, the rising concerns of environmental pollution and climate change and the increasing awareness of its effects have got countries, governments and the people to move towards clean energy. This is one of the major reasons why solar power has risen in importance.

Renewable energy such as hydro, wind and solar power are now answers to global warming as they lower the emissions of greenhouse gases. Dependency on fossil fuels diminishes and the government keeps encouraging the adoption of renewable energy through various incentives and tax rebates. These, in turn, have greatly reduced the price of solar panels and generators which has contributed to its market growth.

What are the types of solar power generators?

The two main types of solar power generators are on-grid and off-grid. While the on-grid is connected to the general utility grid, the off-grid is like a standalone and is not connected in any way to the grid’s power system or utility company. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages including requirements and capabilities.

Commercial, residential, industrial and military is the major end-users of solar power generators. As of now, the largest segment which has rapidly embraced solar energy is residential. This can be attributed to the hike in electricity prices, growing awareness of the importance of clean energy and the lower reduction in solar energy price.

With countries aggressively promoting the adoption of clean energy, the adoption of solar power generators is only expected to keep growing.

What does the future hold for solar energy generators?

Competition has increased greatly among manufacturers in the development of solar-based power distribution systems. Governments are also setting targets that need to be met in regards to renewable energy. Hence, this competitive environment is impacting the industry and driving down prices in solar energy.

From delivering electricity to remote areas to growing awareness on achieving a cleaner, better energy, society is doing all it can to ensure a carbon-free environment. Companies like Borg Energy are coming up with innovative solutions and products to make the adoption of renewable energy easier. The reduction in solar power generators has also contributed to the adoption. The fact is solar power generator is here to stay and will only keep rising in demand for years to come.