Subscribe To Celebrity News On Reddit Fauxmoi


Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate and relate with people. It has made it easier to send your thoughts to millions of people thousands of miles away from you. Examples of social media available now are; X (Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Reddit, and so on. This article will discuss one of the features of Reddit, which is the opening of different threads on Reddit. The latest Reddit thread in question is r/fauxmoi. It simply means a fauxmoi discussion on Reddit, where “r” stands for Reddit.

What is Reddit Fauxmoi?

This term, r/fauxmoi, has been explained above. It was opened by a Reddit user to give celebrity information to other Reddit users. It is an ongoing thread that is gradually gaining momentum on Reddit. You can see several Reddit users following the thread to gain the latest insights on what celebrities have been up to.

In simple terms, it is a celebrity gossip subreddit page. It aims to provide a safe space for users to politely and respectfully discuss and analyze celebrity lifestyles. The page has zero tolerance for rudeness, insults, and harassment. This has made the page the go-to space for juicy news.

What To Expect From r/fauxmoi

While other platforms like X also have thread features, Reddit’s version is different from them. On the r/fauxmoi platform, you can expect lots of things ranging from scandals, news, gossip, and rumors about celebrities. Basically, you can find anything related to the entertainment circle there, no matter how trivial it is.

Posting Style

The r/fauxmoi page doesn’t have a rigid posting style. Just adhere to the admin rules and regulations, and you are good to go. Failure to comply with the rules can have you reported, banned, or suspended from posting, and you don’t want that.

To post on the thread, just develop content and upload, just like you do for other Reddit forums. It doesn’t stop there, you can also interact with other members of the subreddit in the comment section.

The following are the currently trending posts about your favorite celebrities.

The Oscar News

Well, people are accustomed to seeing others criticizing or applauding the Oscar Award. This was the case for Christina Rocco’s review on the recent Oscar Award where Andrea Riseborough was nominated. She shared her thoughts about Oscar investigating how Andrea got nominated. A member of r/fauxmoi found it interesting and reposted it on the page.

Anne Hathaway’s One Woman Show

Anne trended days ago with her dancing video at a Paris event for fashion lovers. She was seen moving her body to a Christina Aguilera and Co song. Online users went mad when they watched their favorite vibing to the music. The video trended so much, that it has millions of views, many likes, comments, and reposts. It was not surprising that r/fauxmoi jumped on the bandwagon and reposted the video.

Paris Hilton’s Bundle Of Joy

News of Paris Hilton giving birth to a bouncing baby was reposted on r/fauxmoi forum. The platform shared the wonderful news it got from Paris’ Instagram account, which was where she announced it.

Latino Musician, Luis Basteri’s Love Life

Luis, who toured various countries in South America in 1984, is a pioneer of Latin music. However, his name has been linked with many women, thus earning him a notorious dating reputation in the Latin community. Reddit users on the Fauxmoi platform who have Latin heritage have posted content about this man there. To them, Luis is their idol and a talented musician.

Coronation Street Star Luca Toolan’s Character Review

The movie Coronation Street is a magical and fantasy movie that most Reddit users are no stranger to. It is a movie that is almost surreal, and viewers get absorbed in the movie. This in turn makes the viewer believe the world is almost real, giving them a feel of a magical realm. Similarly, viewers can feel motivated by the characters’ growth.

Yet, despite the movie’s success, the actor who played the villain, Luca Toolan, didn’t like his character. He revealed how hard it was to get into his character, and several Reddit users reposted the interview on Fauxmoi. Additionally, Luca said he made lots of effort to get into character, mostly in the heavier scenes. These scenes were where he had to get physical with Charlie.

Fashion And Style

On Fauxmoi, you can find posts about which celebrities dressed well at a specific event and those who didn’t. You can also read about celebrities who have poor stylists and fashion tips to help them improve. The most common is reading about which celebrity is currently endorsing a particular fashion brand.


Lastly, r/fauxmoi is more than just a thread or discussion page. You may meet like-minded individuals that you might share the same interests with on the page. In fact, it’s possible to make real-life friends there, as there have been cases of people meeting lifelong friends on Reddit. But if you are not satisfied with the content you see, create your own. Just ensure you keep it civil, and no name-calling!