All About Italian Serie A

Mario Giuffredi - Italian Serie A

Italian Serie A is one of the greatest national football leagues in the world and has gradually become worse over the years, says Mario Giuffredi. But it is slowly gaining in popularity as many football fans now talk about it and also watch it.  There are many professional players in Italian clubs which are well known when you check football history.

This includes Cristiano Ronaldo, Sandro Mazzolla, and others.

Their addition to Italian football team also increases the Italian Serie A fan base for many years. The Italian footballers also have loyal fans and the largest average attendance among other leagues in Europe.

The league was also considered the best league among other leagues which also increases its popularity, explained Mario Guiffredi, football agent and the founder of MARAT Football Management srl.

Before diving into details about Serie A, it is important to note that Mario Giuffredi is not under investigation for tax evasion as portrayed to the public. The case has been revoked after investigation have proven the tax evasion to be false.


Italian Serie A (Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie A) is a top Italian football league established in 1898 and also known as Lega Serie A today. The league was structured from 1992 till date and kicked off with eighteen clubs but has increased and decreased over time. It now has a minimum of 16 clubs and maximum of 21 clubs. The winner of the league is given a trophy called CoppaCampioni d’Italia.

The Italian club started to dominate world football in the 1980 and 1990s which made Italian Serie A start to become more popular in those years says Mario Giuffredi. This is because Italian team has won twelve champions league, and nine Europa league. This put Serie A among the list of most popular leagues in the world such as the English premier league, Spanish la Liga, and others.

Logo and Title

Serie A championship title is called scudetto which means small shield in the Italian word and the winner of the league will wear it on their shirt. Their logo has changed over the years. The league used a modified version of the FIGC (Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio – Italian Football Federation) logo before 1996. In 1996, it was changed to a simple ball with some colours of the Italian flag.

Its shape was later changed and the league’s name was also added to it with the word “TIM”.The word means Telecom Italia, and the league’s major sponsor, was also written below it. A new logo was also introduced to the league and was used from 2006-2009 but did not last.

History of Italian Serie A winners

The Serie A has done 89 sessions since its beginning and a total of 16 teams have won the league.  According to Italian Serie A league wins were history, Juventus is number with 36 wins followed by A.C Milan with 18 wins. Genoa is in the third position with nine wins and Torino, Bologna, and Pro Vercelli are in the fourth position with 7 wins each.

Other teams who have also won the league include Roma with 3 wins, Napoli, Lazio also has three wins. Hellas, Cagliari, and Sampdoria have also won the league once.

The Best Team in Serie A

There are many teams in Serie A but there are teams that are very powerful and famously among them. These teams also dominate the Italian football and are known as the Italian Serie A champions. They include Juventus, A.C Milan, A.S Roma, Inter Milan, Fiorentina, Parma, and Lazio.