8 Ways to Get Huge Savings at Macy’s


Maybe you love Macy’s like us and you spend most of your time in your favorite store shopping for the products you love. Nobody judges you for that but if you don’t shop at Macy’s the right way then there might be a little harsh judgment here. Shopping at Macy’s or to be fair at any store is more about the way you shop and the policies you learn about the store and lesser about the love you have for that place. Here are some tricks to make your shopping spree at Macy’s nothing lesser than a professional experience.

Macy’s Credit Card

Shopping at Macy’s with the Macy’s credit card is a good way for some good discounts. When you apply for a Macy’s credit card, you’ll be automatically registered in the Star Rewards program. For example, based on your annual expenditures, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Spend up to $499 on a single item: Get Star Money by accumulating points; use Star Passes to save 25% on any day, and earn Star Money by accumulating points. Get a birthday present
  • Spend between $500 and $1,199: In addition to the perks listed above, you will receive free delivery.
  • If you spend more than $1200 you will get a 5% cashback in reward as well as travel benefits.


This is something the majority of the people already know about. After all the smart 21st-century buyers know their way around the coupons. The same is the case with Macy’s. If you shop at Macy just don’t forget to use their coupons. The great thing is they have many coupons in many categories. You can get the free shipping coupon or even the Macy’s $10 coupon for flat savings of $10 on your order.

Price Match Policy

Something you should know and you must do always. Macys.com and Macy’s shops operate independently, thus items and pricing may change between the two. If the price of an item on the Macy’s website is cheaper than the price in the store, simply show the cashier the lower price and they will give you the discount. More information about Macy’s pricing policy may be found here.

One Day Sale

The One Day Sale is a one-day event that takes place on the third Saturday of each month, however, dates might fluctuate during the year. In a nutshell, this is the day when Macy’s gives the greatest pricing on a variety of items. Additional savings are available on clearance products purchased at this time. It’s the finest time of the month to go shopping!

Macy’s App

Download Macy’s app to have access to a wealth of features! The app also keeps you informed about special offers and promotions, keeps track of your orders, and allows you to compare pricing in-store and online. With View in My Room 3D, you can also take the Style Inspo quiz, make lists, and visualize furniture in your space to get an idea of whether or not to make a big purchase.

Email Offers

Subscribing to emails is a killer strategy to be the first receiver for discounts. Macy’s provides discounts by email and text messaging. The reductions may fluctuate throughout the year, but they might be significant at times. Subscribers will receive a one-time 25% discount on their next purchase if they subscribe. That discount alone is worth the wait. You may also expect to receive more savings throughout the year. Creating a Macy’s profile takes only a few minutes.

Friends and Family Sale

It’s a terrific opportunity to buy during the Friends & Family Sale. This offer takes place all year round. It is a simple method for you to save money. In most cases, the firm will supply you with a unique promo code that you may use to receive the best deal. Up to 30% discount products are available at the Friends & Family event.

Last Act Sales

The Last Act Sales at Macy’s are not less than big event sales like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. These goods are on sale in-store, but the greatest deals can be found on their website. The discounts here range from 40 percent off to 80 percent off, and they cover everything from apparel to appliances. Of course, things fluctuate a lot, and there’s no way of knowing what will be available during the Last Act sales. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for anything, it’s a fantastic place to start.