How to Keep Big Shopping Malls Neat and Clean

shopping malls

The shopping malls receive hundreds of people regularly for shopping, dining as well as enjoyment. That means shopping malls receives a huge volume of foot traffic, therefore, it is very important to put efforts and invest in right cleaning supplies like an industrial backpack vacuum cleaner for optimum mall cleaning, especially floors. It is very essential to maintain a positive environment in the mall to encourage more people to visit this place.

The regular cleaning is not just imperative to improve the aesthetics of the shopping mall, but it is also crucial for preventing people from major slip or fall. Any major accident due to slip and falls can affect the reputation of the business and consequently, it affects their sales. Therefore, it is important to maintain a neat and clean mall, especially floors.  But, the shopping mall is extensive in space and it isn’t easy to keep the floor clean all the time. Proper planning and investing in the right cleaning tools can help you.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss some tips and tricks to maintain clean floors of the shopping mall.

1. Avoid Using Wet Mop for Floor Cleaning

The mops and buckets are not efficient for cleaning large flooring of a shopping mall. The regular mopping is a time-consuming process and it also requires hiring a workforce.  Moreover, if mopping is not done efficiently, then it can spread contaminants all around. Also, in worse scenarios, they can leave the floor wet and that increases the probability of slip and falls.

For optimum and safe cleaning, you should use commercial backpack vacuum cleaners. These cleaners help in the efficient removal of accumulated soil and contaminant as well. Also, it allows the customer to use the floor immediately after cleaning. The vacuum cleaning also does not require putting on signage boards of “wet floor”.

2. Stop Entry of Dust At Entrance Point

The best way to stop the entry of dust in your mall is to restrict the entry of dust at the entrance points. You should invest in the comprehensive mat system. The foot mat will shed off dust stick over the shoes of visitors.  You should place the foot mats at all possible points where dust can enter inside the mall.

Also, all entryways should be continuously monitored to make sure that foot mats are properly placed and they are not rolled up. Also, the foot mats should be cleaned various times in a day. It will help in restricting the entry of excess dust, debris, water, and contaminants.

3. Prepare A Good Cleaning Plan

You should prepare a good cleaning plan and follow it. You should hire a person who will be responsible for maintaining cleanliness in your mall. He will assign the cleaning tasks to the whole in-house cleaning staff team members. Also, he will inspect the cleanliness at least twice a week. The cleaning staff members will be responsible for immediately removing excess moisture, spills, dust, and debris.

The cleaning staff members will also be maintaining clean toilets, entrance, and food courts. In addition to cleaning staff, you should also encourage all team members to immediately tell the cleaning department if they observe any spill or mess over the floor.

In addition to preparing the right plan, it is very important to make the list of required tools and materials. You should find the optimum cleaning supplies and purchase them. Provide these tools for cleaning staff members. The right cleaning tools and plan will not just improve the ambiance of a shopping mall but also maintain a healthy environment.

4. Invest In the Right Vacuum Cleaner

There are various types of vacuum cleaner available in the market. That means you have to choose the right one for efficient results. According to experts, you should invest in a commercial backpack vacuum cleaner for a large commercial building like the shopping mall. This vacuum cleaner will not just remove dirt and debris but also trap harmful microbes and contaminants. Moreover, this vacuum cleaner is easy to use and can efficiently remove spills in hard to reach areas.

5. Use Good Disinfecting Solutions for Restroom

Hundreds of people daily use the restrooms in the shopping mall. Therefore, they can generate a huge number of bacteria and germs. It is important to get the right disinfecting solutions and a backpack commercial vacuum cleaner to get rid of harmful bacteria. Also, tell your cleaning staff members to clean the restroom at least twice a day. The restroom floor can be wet; therefore, cleaning staff should always be present there to keep it damp and safe.