Enjoy the Best Things in Seattle for Kids & Families

Enjoy the best things in Seattle for Kids & Families
Enjoy the best things in Seattle for Kids & Families

Planning a vacation with family & kids means looking for a place with a perfect balance of several elements. There are countless locations, but you must look for the best of them here. However, choosing Seattle can be the right option to explore & enjoy.

Welcome to this amazing city in Washington, US, that always offers spectacular vibes. Moreover, the town is surrounded by mountains, water, forest & more natural elements that uplift its beauty. There are multiple reasons why you need to arrive here.

However, the place is quite known for the Starbucks & overall coffee culture, followed by other things.

Here is The List of The Best Things To Do:

  • Pike Place:

The commuters can head to Pike Place Market, the oldest farmer’s market. After all, it’s ranked as being the 33rd most visited area. You can easily stroll around the whole place & try out several kinds of dishes.

Apart from all these, the commuters can also enjoy some great music. You can also visit the food, crafts & music oriented shops. These places often try to make the whole day more engaging & let’s explore different corners.

It’s quite an open area that provides the vibes of the local culture.

Museum of Natural History:

Welcome to the museum of natural history! An institution that is truly transformed & has a lot to offer. However, traveling to Seattle with Lufthansa airlines offers several facilities. Whereas, How can I Select Seats for my Lufthansa Flights? It is a process to avail your desired seats.

A trip inside the whole museum helps to learn about the great research & inventions by the scientists. On the other hand, the windows between the public & private areas offer visuals of real dinosaur fossils.

It’s located at 4300 15th Ave Seattle & you can also visit the official website.

  • Northwest Ballet:

It is a famous wintertime attraction for all the kids & the pacific ballet comprises special events. These are Cinderalla with Beauty & Beast, which the kids quite love. You can call here & get updated about the events, followed by the other essential things.

Moreover, it’s one of the largest & highly regarded ballet companies offering a wonderful experience. All the shows performed here are quite amazing & provide great memories. Several kinds of dance performances are more interesting.

For your convenience, it has an official website that offers important information.

  • Ride the Great Wheel:

Now, it’s time to enjoy a fantastic ride on the giant wheel located in the state of Washington. It’s 175 ft tall & offers marvelous views; considered among the Best Things to do in Seattle for Kids, Families, and Adults. The wheel takes about three turns & each of them offers a bird’s eye view.

The visitors can carry their family along & enjoy the vacations in this American city. Moreover, the overall vibes are fabulous & make each & every moment worth capturing. On the other hand, you can also get VIP passes to enhance your excitement to the next level.

  • Children Theater:

There are about two theaters where regular shows are going on for the kids to entertain them. However, the other thing is to motivate them toward the arts & creativity.

You may have read some books like The hungry caterpillar & Velvreen rabbit, but these stories are converted into plays here. Although, the ticket fare is about $15 & there is a drama school. Here, they teach about the various forms of the arts & different concepts.

Well, multiple things create more interest among the people & try to invite them here. You will not get this kind of experience anywhere else.

  • Imax Movies:

At the pacific science center, numerous exhibits often keep your kids busy. Sometimes, there is a change of plans, or the flights may get canceled by the airline to Seattle, How to Request a refund from Lufthansa? It helps to claim the appropriate compensation.

Although, multiple ways make your whole tour more interesting. The visitors can try out VR gears with the latest configuration. These things help to know about the new happening in the digital world.

Moreover, you can also head to the planetarium, where you can enjoy a great journey via the solar system.

  • Green Lake Park:

Irrespective of all these, you can approach a family outing at Green lake park. There are countless views & activities to perform. Well, it’s a great way to spend & create memories with the family.

You can plan a picnic and stroll around the lake, followed by the special lanes for cyclists. A recreational area comprises spacious lawns with a kid’s playground. Now, to enjoy here better, go paddle boating with seats for four people.

The reason to arrive here is to enjoy the picturesque views of the lake & green trees. These are considered among the Best Things to do in Seattle for Kids, Families, and Adults. However, these things truly uplift your spirit & let you enjoy the vacations.

  • Play at Volunteer Park:

This place is, however, marked in the city’s capital hill neighborhood & covers about 48 acres of land. It’s the best place for family visits along with the beautiful flowers & amazing greenery. You can also climb up to the water and observation deck to enjoy incredible views.

People often look for places that are unique & different but sometimes don’t get it. Here in Seattle, everything is possible & make your every vacation is full of excitement & fun. Here, apart from a great environment, the overall vibes are quite incredible & make you feel fresh.

You can easily access the park from 6 am to 10 pm, go for a walk, and enjoy some fresh air. A great music festival is been organized from July through early winter.

It will be an amazing experience throughout the vacations with the children & family members.

  • Aquarium:

It’s located at 1483 Alaskan Way & offers some exclusive marine views. There are about six major exhibits & these are among the Best Things to do in Seattle for Kids, Families, and Adults.

Perhaps, it isn’t only about the beauty of the place but also about knowing about the aquatic habitats. There are a majority of the animals you might know from the textbooks, but seeing them live is something different.

While moving inside, you’ll get to see several other things that are more amazing & worth seeing live. This trip will be more amazing while you carry the kids. They’ll also get to know various other mysteries behind the marine habitats.

  • Pinball Museum:

This place started in 2010 & there are about 50 games that somehow include the price of the museum. Although, there are some conditions to try playing here as the kids should be about seven or more years. Moreover, apart from these people can enjoy soda, snacks & others.

  • Bouldering Project:

After the pinball game, it’s time to enjoy climbing at the Bouldering project. The basic level of this indoor climbing has an entire area for the kids to enjoy some physical fitness games. It’s more interesting & loved by many visitors & kids.

It’s more like an indoor climbing gym & way to test your physical abilities. Moreover, this is quite simple as you will be climbing via tying a rope & need to hold the boulder with a tight grip to climb properly.

You need to take every step carefully & enjoy it as an individual or with a companion. These are some exciting activities that make your entire day worth coming & enjoy with your family & friends.


These are the Best Things to do in Seattle for Kids, Families, and Adults to enhance your vacations & enjoy.