Thon Buri Remains One of The Best Districts in Bangkok to Buy a Condo on The River

Thon Buri

South of the Pak Khlong Talat (flower market), then East at a large roundabout and Wongwian Yai monument to the former King of Siam, Taksin, and King Rama I. founded a new Kingdom and capital city called Thon Buri. It is still located on the West side of the Chao Phraya River.

In this quiet Chinese-Thai area lies some of the best markets, oldest historical sites, and most enduring culture, as well as The River Condominium. An amenity not afforded to all residents in a major metropolis, which is included with your condo is an open view. The Chao Phraya River’s open expanse allows clear sight and ventilation air.

Thon Buri’s Waterways and Markets

The historic Thon Buri district is at your doorstep. Get your balance on a long-tail boat and zip through the canals that were the ancient highways of The Kingdom. From these waterways, you will experience views of another time and place. Shop from your boat or hop off at a market of your choice for some of the best street food in the world.

Food is a big part of my travelling. When I go to a new province, I want to try my standard dishes to compare how they vary. With a twist of more spice, sweet, sour, salty, or savoury flavors each dish has a new taste that is local. I don’t know why you are in Bangkok, but I understand why you are thinking about buying a condo here.

The Bangkok real estate market is a powerhouse. Let’s put that aside and consider the paradigm shift in the employee/employer relationship. Most work is transactional and not career-focused. No one stays with the same company from first position to retirement. Loyalty on either side doesn’t exist like that anymore.

AI and Future Work

Companies making budget decisions with artificial intelligence AI applications will eliminate 300 million jobs globally. The main sectors to be hit will be human resources (ironic), finance, and design departments. We can benefit from technology by remote and hybrid work. You can log in to work from a café on the Chao Phraya or maybe you will get a better signal from the rooftop lounge.

Digital nomads can be web developers, coders, architects, IT (ironic), consulting offices, and crypto/currency traders. I know English tutors who focus on ASEAN business professionals and live a comfortable life on a minimal work schedule. Around The River Condominium, outside your new home, you will find one of Bangkok’s main icons at Wat Arun.

The name comes from the Hindu god Aruna embodied in the radiant beams of light. Royal events and festivals will be found here year-round. I mentioned the canals before. The only trade, commerce, or thoroughfare for the Royal family to use was the waterways. The Royal Bares Museum is in Thon Buri and they have an annual barges procession with the traditionally adorned rowers.

IconSiam and Riverside Luxuries

Knowing that Thailand is intersected and accessible via its rivers and canals the Thai Navy has a presence to blockade access and defend from intruders. IconSiam is a large multiplex of entertainment, shopping, culture, and views. You will be spending time in this park. It is bursting with excellent cuisine, a music hall, and a river park entertainment area.

There is a nighttime light and water fountain show that could be visible from your condo. When your family visits they can be immersed in 5-star luxury at Millennium Hilton Bangkok or privately shuttled by boat to a riverside pool suite at the Peninsula Bangkok. The most affordable accommodations can be found at the IBIS Riverside along with an outdoor pool and free shuttle.

Something in the middle would be the Amdaeng Riverside. It has a classic Thai style with rooftop dining and balconies in the room for a more intimate setting. Get your long-term visa plans in order. I say that Thailand changes visa policies as frequently as Temple Flowers.

Explore Thailand Visa

Right now, there is a Destination Thailand Vias DTV that is worth looking into qualifying for. Low cost, low proof of funds, and a 6-month length which is renewable for 6 months. If you are visiting Thailand for language studies, Muay Thai, Thai cuisine courses, educational seminars, sports, music, or arts events this vias is for you.

Find out more here. Living in Bangkok you are equidistant to most corners of Thailand. You can reach amazing mountains, fields, or island beaches in the same length of travel time.

Bangkok is full of festivals, culture, more festivals, holidays, festivals, every night markets, all-day diversity in culture, quality healthcare, excellent international schools, and more festivals. Thai people want to live simple lives of happiness and no aggression. Develop your sabai sabai attitude and language skills, then move to Bangkok.