5 World’s Toughest SAS Fitness Tests

SAS Fitness Tests

Before joining the military, you need to undergo rigorous training to test your stamina, skills, and performance, says Scott Capelin. Hence, the military tests candidates with physical fitness examinations to test for endurance and stamina.

“To demonstrate candidates’ quickness, dexterity, stamina, and skill, the special forces designed more grueling tests than others,” says Scott Capelin, an entrepreneur, business consultant, and fitness expert. Capelin has achieved a record of training over thousands of clients.

Who are the SASs?

SASs are Special Air Services forces who are the best among the best soldiers available. They are an elite team of soldiers. They fight and work in the most dangerous places and situations. They are sent to perform the riskiest missions normal soldiers cannot perform and survive in.

Due to the complicated and extremely dangerous nature of their jobs, the recruitment methods used are the harshest. “They task the mental and physical health of the soldiers to the limit so they can survive anywhere during missions,” Scott Capelin further explains.

SAS Fitness Test

SAS fitness tests are created to distinguish specially trained soldiers from normal soldiers.

They recruit only the best candidates for the training. Unprepared individuals will not be able to stand the fitness test.

Scott Capelin, the fitness trainer, is here to explain about the top five toughest SAS fitness tests in the world.

1. United Kingdom SAS (Special Air Services)

The UK is the oldest SAS founded in 1941. Their SAS fitness tests are the toughest in the world. Very few people have passed their fitness tests.

2. United States Delta Force

The grueling physical fitness test has made the US delta force a force to be reckoned with in the world.

3. Para Special Forces of India

India Special Forces military training lasts for more than 3 years. It is noted that only 1 percent of candidates eventually pass the test.

4. Australia’s Commandos fitness tests

The special force was founded in 1955. The Australian Special Forces are divided into first and second regiments. They work with SARS and counter insurgencies and terrorism. The Australia Special Air Service Regiment (SARS) is also called Australia’s Commando. Their services are employed in Australia when the Australian police force is unable to handle a crisis. Some soldiers operate full-time while others are reserved as special officers. To join, the age limit is 18 – 52 years. You also have to be a citizen in Australia before you can join. It is known for asking the recruits to swim in their uniforms. Even when they land, it needs running and marching.

5. Austria’s Jagdkommando

Austria’s Jagdkommando is part of the special operations division of the Austrian Military. It is located in Wiener Neustadt, a city in Austria. The meaning of Jagdkommando is the Hunting Command. They are an elite group trained to be on the same level as their international counterparts. The highly drilled soldiers counter-terrorism, and insurgency after going through tough training. Their responsibilities and abilities far surpass normal soldiers.

Tasks of Jagdkommando soldiers are:

  • Specialized scouting
  • A high degree of military intel gathering
  • Control activities
  • Highly-classified missions
  • Curb and fight terrorism and insurgency.
  • Removal of civilians and military personnel from harmful areas or situations.


A Special Forces soldier must have the ability to adapt to any kind of situation. He must be strong, have self-discipline, train consistently, cooperate and collaborate well with others. He should be mature and sensible enough to take initiative with little to no direction. Integrity, loyalty, good ethics, competent leadership and communication skills, endurance, and honestly make an excellent soldier, says Scott Capelin.