Insider Guide to the 5 Best Hostels in Rishikesh


Original Hindus attach great artistic and spiritual value to the holy megacity of Rishikesh, which is located at the bottom of the Himalayas. Yoga and reflective journeys are made possible by the area’s sacred gutters and mountains, and rafting is a necessary must-have. During a 1968 stay at a near vihara, The Beatles connected with their Eastern spiritual side and wrote numerous songs.

Raibhya Rishi is said to have performed severe penance, and as a result, God is said to have manifested as “Hrishikesh,” giving rise to the name Rishikesh for the region. It serves as the beginning point of the Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath leg of the Hindu Char Dham pilgrimage, which is a journey to seek spiritual redemption.

We’re apprehensive that numerous of you yogis and meditators have long pictured taking a quiet retreat to Rishikesh. Only Varanasi rivals Rishikesh in terms of elevation, which is located on the banks of the Ganges River. The trekking and natural beauty of Rishikesh, still, are unmatched by Varanasi.

Hostels In Rishikesh:

  1. Skyward Youth Hostel:

On the banks of the deified Ganges River, in the foothills of the Himalayas, lies a little vill called Rishikesh. You might anticipate coming hugely wasted while moving around this reflective and spiritual megacity, but that does not mean you can not snub! Alpinists may enjoy live music, stirring megacity views, and indeed a cafe with a swash view at Skyward Hostel.

Still! Skyward Hostel is your home base, With conditioning like touring and bungee jumping, If you are an adrenaline addict who is gotten your filler of dancing to the music or hammock swinging.

  1. Shakti Shiv:

One of those caravansaries for alpinists in India that you will suggest to other callers you meet while seeing the country is Shiv Shakti. Indeed while it might not have all the amenities that would make it one of the top places to stay in Rishikesh, it’s plainly among the most tranquil. Imagine a cool spot in Rishikesh; it’ll be really chill. With a rooftop sundeck where you can have a storming mug of milk tea and indeed evening yoga assignments so you can feel zen before going to bed, Shiv Shakti is each about soaking up the calming air of the fabulous Ganges.

  1. The Hosteller Rishikesh Mini:

The major bus stop and Rishikesh road station are both accessibly located within 10–15 minutes of the Hosteller Rishikesh Mini.

The Hosteller Rishikesh Mini provides a tranquil stay in a beautiful setting. The hotel has dorm apartments, private apartments, and lodges with accommodation for further than 30 guests. The large green auditoriums, the yoga space, and the mountain outlook are each available to callers. Air exertion, flat-screen television with string channels, a kettle, a shower, complimentary amenities, and an office are all included in the price of a room.

A closet and a private restroom are handed in each hostel room. Come decompress at the most popular rambler hotel in Rishikesh to discover further how to manage and soothe the senses of all the world’s materialistic objects.

  1. Rishikesh Bunk Stay:

It could be grueling to get a dependable wi-fi connection when traveling to India so that the most current content can be published. In addition to having some of the topmost internet pets in the city, Bunk Stay Rishikesh has lots of room for spreading out and getting to work. Chancing the applicable place to conduct business is simple thanks to the rooftop sundeck, outside and out-of-door couches, and other amenities. The real fun starts after your laptop is turned off! In no time, Bunk Stay will have you buoying down the Ganges or sitting cross-legged in a yoga classroom.

  1. Rishikesh Zostel:

Another one of those caravansaries with necessary air that keeps you returning night after night is Zostel. The heart of the hostel beats in the couches. You may meet other trippers, there, exchange tales, and spend the entire evening harkening to fantastic music. You and your fellow excursionists may take passages and treks to all of the most graphic locales in and around Rishikesh with the help of Zostel.


Both domestic and foreign visitors frequently come here in search of calm and spirituality.

Only Rishikesh is a position where yoga and adventure sports are inversely popular. On the banks of the Ganga River, it’s located in the Shivalik Range foothills. The most charming destination for excursionists from both India and further is Rishikesh, which has also gained fashionability for white water rafting. In addition, it’s a popular position for gemstone climbing, touring, and bungee jumping.