My Best Friend’s Bachelorette Party in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Bachelorette Party

Audrey and I have been best friends, basically conjoined, inseparable since birth – almost literally, so – far, we were born in the same hospital, within the same 24 hours, in neighboring rooms, and our parents are best friends. We went to school together, grew up together, and worked together – and now at the crisp age of 25, we remain the best of friends – and therefore, once her long-time boyfriend finally popped the question, it came as no great surprise that Audrey asked me to plan her Bachelorette Party in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica! I had booked the services of an agency in Jaco Beach named Jaco VIP. Jaco is well-known for playing host to Bachelor Party weekends, and Jaco VIP seemed to be the leading agency in all its organizing and planning.

The wedding planning stuff, that’s all on the bridesmaids, but the Bachelorette Party was all me – and I did a meticulous job planning the whole thing. Audrey and I discussed all the details at first, picked our location, and I started contacting the necessary parties, and before long, We bought an all-inclusive package for the Bachelorette Party weekend, and everything was in order, there was nothing left but to fly over to Costa Rica!

On a crisp January morning, Audrey and I took our flight to Costa Rica, and upon arrival marveled at the weather – sunny, warm, and with no sign of winter! The rest of the girls would be flying in later that day, so the two of us had flown in earlier to make sure everything was in order for the weekend. We were picked up at the airport by an Air-Conditioned Mercedes Benz Sprinter van, along with our Personal Concierge assigned to us that weekend. After an hour’s drive to Jaco, we first visited the Vacation Villa in which we would be staying – it was marvelous! Located right on the beach, it had 20 bedrooms and bathrooms, a game room with a pool table, a ping pong table and a foosball table, a spacious kitchen fully equipped, and an outdoor pool facing the ocean – perfection! We went through every room, made sure all was well, and then met our Bartenders, Chefs, and the DJ we had hired for that weekend. I went over the list of arrangements with our Concierge one last time, and everything was ready!

The girls arrived before long, and the party began. I was the only guy in the group, which was sort of weird but I got over myself and decided to enjoy things. The DJ started to play, the Bartenders started making cocktails, and the Chefs got busy in the kitchen. The pool party was off the hook; drinks in hand, the bass vibrating in our ears – good stuff. The smell of grilled fish filled the air – the Chefs had prepared us an amazing lunch consisting of grilled fish, Ceviche, and several types of salads. After lunch, nicely buzzed, we went over to a crowded beachside bar recommended to us by our Concierge. I played some pool there, took a few shots with the girls, and got in the groove. The sunset was amazing, so we stepped onto the beach to watch it – drunk already the girls went for a swim. We returned to the house to change and then headed out for dinner to a seafood restaurant by the beach. The food was amazing, many bottles of wine were finished, and then we headed out to party. First, we bar-hopped through a series of bars in town, and then, as our final destination went to a sick nightclub where I had made reservations. The music was great, and we made our way to the VIP section, got bottle service, and before long the ladies were all wasted but having a blast. We partied there until dawn and then headed off to the beach to watch the sunset, and one by one, headed off to bed.

The next morning, I was up and about early and had breakfast with our Concierge while we spoke of the day’s upcoming activities. The girls, hungover but enthused, got up one by one, had breakfast, and then we left the house to execute the day’s plans. First on the list was zip lining, which was truly magical – we slid right over the greenest lushest jungle canopies at full speed, my upside down – what a blast! Next, we raced some ATVs through the dusty countryside and ended up at a lake where we cooled down for a bit. Exhausted but pleased, we all made our way back into town where we went out for tacos and beers. When we got back home, the party was reignited, and we got right back to it. Cocktails, dancing, jumping in and out of the pool – crazy stuff. The afternoon gave way to the sunset, and so came dusk – and the dancers I had hired. The girls went crazy, and had a great time, while I sat at the bar chilling with one of the bartenders I had befriended. The party went on full blast until dawn!

The girls all scattered in the water, and Audrey and I sat on the beach to watch the sunrise. The colors were just spectacular. “So, you’re getting married,” I said. Audrey smiled at me and replied, “Yes, yes I am.” “Good,” I said, “Good”. “Thank you,” said Audrey, “For planning this whole weekend. It was a blast.” I smiled and looked upon the endless horizon on fire.