How Can RFID System Ensure Patient Safety?

RFID system

Although Radio Frequency Identification, commonly known as RFID, is not new, several industries are using this technology to change their industry for good. Retail, healthcare, hotels, and other businesses use this RFID technology to increase working efficiency. In this blog, we will focus on the healthcare industry. We will look at how an RFID system can ensure hospital patient safety.

RFID retail inventory management is one of the popular uses of RFID technology. The same thing can be used in healthcare industries to manage inventory. We aim to look into the sections that use RFID technology to improve patients’ overall experiences.

How Does The RFID System Work?

In the RFID system, suppose in the RFID warehouse system, tags are attached to items we want to track. These tags are rewritable. This means we can simultaneously fetch the data stored in these tags and change those data for future use. RFID readers can receive and send all those data directly to RFID management software.

With this software, any person on the system, with the use of this software, can control and manage all the RFID systems. If you find it difficult to understand an RFID system’s work, you should consult with an experienced person immediately.

Major Components of RFID System

Four major components together create a complete RFID system. Those components are-

  1. RFID tags
  2. RFID readers
  3. Antennas for smooth workings
  4. Inventory management software

Tags are more of an input device. We can store data in them and later fetch them using RFID readers. We can write and rewrite those data according to our needs. RFID readers help us to collect those data from tags. These are most like barcode readers. RFID antennas ensure the smooth working of these components. Lastly, the RFID inventory management system is the software that can manage this whole system.

How Is RFID Used In Hospitals?

In this blog, we will try to find out how RFID technology is making important changes to the healthcare industry. Three major advantages of using an RFID system are-

  1. Tracking

The RFID system is best for tracking something or someone. Suppose you want to track a patient. What you need to do is place an RFID tag on that person. You can attach a tag to his wristband. Once you have activated the system, you can track the person in real-time. Unless the person is beyond the radio frequency limit, we can track every person’s move.

  1. Managing Inventory

Managing a hospital inventory is a hectic job if done manually. Fortunately, we can use an RFID inventory management system to do the inventory swiftly. As the whole process is automatic, you can simply manage the whole inventory with just the inventory software.

  1. Authentication

Hospital is a place where different people come and go. Some areas should be restricted to authorized persons only. RFID can make that possible. Radio waves will monitor and ensure that only an authorized person can enter the area.

There are multiple other uses as well. We have just focused on the top three. Consult with an experienced person to learn more about RFID technology.