Things to know about Ultrasonic Mist Maker with SPMS

Ultrasonic Mist Maker with SPMS

The Ultrasonic mist makers with SPMS have upgraded components. They have a red power indicator on the silver head. Several manufacturers and suppliers provide ultrasonic mist makers that do not have failure or leakage and also prevent the growth of algae. They design these products according to the needs of their customers and clients. Here are some common questions that people have in their mind while choosing a mist maker with SPMS.
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What Size Mist Maker Is Perfect For Greenhouse?

One of the common questions people have about mist makers is which size would be perfect for their grow rooms or green rooms. The size usually depends on the material with which the room is made. Is it plastic, cement, or drywall? Choose according to the building material, ambient humidity, air exchange level, and target humidity.

How To Choose The Right Mist Maker Size?

The factors on which the choice of size depends are air exchange, the target humidity, type of the material of the room, ambient humidity, and much more. There will be a need for more discs if there is a lower ambient humidity and also if the target humidity is more.
If you are bringing in new air constantly, you need to work harder to bring up humidity. The rooms that are made with concrete absorbs more moisture than the other materials. This is when you should choose a bigger ultrasonic mist marker.

If there is no or low air exchange, you can use a smaller unit. This may take a bit longer than normal to reach your target humidity. If you do not add any drier area in the room, the small unit is enough.

Some experts advise choosing larger units that have six to twelve discs for greenhouses and shipping containers. The units smaller than this do not have an adequate unit to run 24/7. While they are been operated, the mist makers will heat the water as well which can damage the machine to a extend. Therefore be wise to use it with minimum intervals.

How To Control The Output?

The Ultrasonic mist maker SMPS manufacturer offers output controllers as well. These can be used to turn the level of the fog down and up. The machine will automatically turn off and on the power of the mist maker when needed. It is recommended to use a 120mm, waterproof, and fully encased fan for most of the humidification projects. This will efficiently push the fog out of the room. The smaller fans are used in grow tents and tanks.

How Long Can You Use A Mist Maker?

You can use an ultrasonic mist maker for eight hours straight. In between, you should put it on rest for at least an hour. Also, the time depends on the water temperature. The maximum water temperature is 105 Fahrenheit. One should keep this below the temperature.

Are Ultrasonic Mist Makers Safe?

Yes, these machines are safe for use. You can place them anywhere you wish. It can be used near the animals and electrical appliances as well because the fog of this machine is dry. Make sure that you do not touch the disc when it is on. You can get hurt by the ultrasonic vibration caused by the mist maker. It feels like a burn or a shock even you touch it.

How Long Does Ultrasonic Mist Maker With SPMS Last?

The life span of this machine is approximately five thousand hours. The life span can be improved or reduced based on the quality of water that you use. You need to clean the discs and also maintain the mist maker so that it lasts long.

These were some of the important things that you should know before getting a mist maker for use.