The Next Big Thing in 2021 is to Buy Windows Phone

Mobile phone

In this era where there exists a battle between android phones and iPhones, Windows phones that are although not new in talk, are making a huge place in the cell phone industry and seeming to be a straight hit in 2021. Windows phones are perfect for all the computer work that was once done on laptops and giant computers. They proffer great functionality, exceptional efficiency, and many exuberant features. Here are some of the reasons that why the next big thing in mobile phones 2021 would be to buy a Windows phone:

Windows phones are much better in quality than android phones. They are better in look and offer a wide range of sets for the customers to choose. Usually, Windows phones range from $180 to &425 so that you can use the phone set you like as per your budget, preference, and accordance. Windows phones are better in quality and are highly affordable as compared to other phones, providing a vast array of features and specifications that other phones lack.

  • Exceptional designs

Windows phones are not only good in their quality but also have exceptional designs that seem very unusual but in a highly positive way. Their sizes vary from 4” to 6”, endeavoring plenty of choices so that you can find the right phone that is powerful, sleek in design, and good value for your money. For instance, Nokia Lumia 1020 is a beautiful setting with a wide range of features, a 41-megapixel camera for perfect pictures and full HD videos, and at a remarkable price of $199.

  • Better apps and cleaner options

Although Windows App Store is one step behind the Play Store in terms of quantity and variety. It surely does not mean that it lacks in quality too. Windows phone is a restricted platform, controlled by Microsoft. So it responds with superior apps in better quality and cleaner options. You can find the best version of many apps at a Windows phone that seems very ordinary in an android phone.

  • The support by Microsoft

As Windows phones are supported by Microsoft of course. They work extremely well with Microsoft products like, Xbox, One Drive Skype, and more. A windows phone offers a free version of Microsoft. Unlike in an android phone where you are supposed to buy it. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents. All can be catered straight on your Windows phone.

  • No noticeable lag

One thing that is most admirable in Windows phones is that there exists consistency across all devices. Meaning, all of the Widows phones can work with all type of devices. Android phones comes in different shapes, sizes. And with different features so their efficiency, quality and performance are always questioned. But a Windows phone is compatible to be used with all levels of devices without any lag whatsoever.

  • A game hub

If we have to suggest a Windows phone to someone. Then the first person to be suggested would be a game lover. Windows phones have the perfect Xbox integration. So that you can enjoy all of your favorite games even on low-RAM devices. Microsoft has integrated Xbox functionality so that you can have the fullest of your game. You can console an avatar to gain points. Can keep a check on your game scores, communicate with your friends and see your avatar.

Although Android phones have more games, Windows phones bestow games that are not randomly available. They have Xbox games like Asphalt 8, Jetpack Joyride, Airborne, FIFA 14, and Six Guns for absolutely free. Due to the better quality and great efficiency of Windows phones. These games run smoothly even on low- RAM phones such as low-end Nokia Lumia phones.

  • Enjoy offline map facility with Windows phone

Just like android phones have Google Maps, Windows phones contain. HERE Maps and HERE Drive serve the same purpose but with an additional advantage; maps on a Widows phone comes with full offline capabilities. Some of the Samsung phones such as the Galaxy S4 has also the ability of low electricity consumption to show maps offline but they are too little in their range. With a Windows phone, you can even download the map of a whole country.