These are the Most Popular Sports in Australia

Peter Biantes : Australian Famous Sports

A health and wellness expert, Peter Biantes, emphasized the importance of sports in the development of the human body. Peter Biantes used to work for Wattle Health as the CEO. The health and wellness firm located in Australia develops, sources, and markets consumer food products made in Australia. This is the reason Peter once worked with the company because its goals align with Peter’s belief in natural health. According to Peter Biantes, sport doesn’t only contribute to the physical growth of the body. It also stimulates and develops the brain, and improves the mental health of an individual.

Why is Sport Important?

Sport festers interpersonal relationships and human connection. This is because when you do sport, you interact with people within and outside the sports circle. As a result, countries like Australia have always been passionate about encouraging their citizens to participate in various sporting activities.

Why are Sports Popular in Australia?

Australia is known for its love and support for sports. The country knows how vital the activity is for the mental and physical development of its citizens. This is why when you go to Australia, you will notice many excellent sports equipment and facilities. This has helped Australia to train lots of professional athletes in various games. Even the younger generation is not left out as they start training from a young age. An example is Cricket. Cricket is a game that is widely popular in Australia. Australian cricket players have won many local, national, and international awards for their region, state, and country.

Popular Sports in Australia


Australians love to swim, and they teach their kids how to swim when they are very young. Furthermore, Australia is blessed with many beautiful beaches for people to practice their swimming skills or relax. Hence, swimming is the number one sport in Australia, with over three million swimmers in Australia.


Cycling is something nearly all Australian children learn at a tender age. In fact, they learn it before learning how to play other games. Moreover, Australia has a good and secure road for cyclers, especially young riders. Furthermore, cycling is not only a sport, it is also a means of transportation in Australia. Therefore, cycling is an ingrained activity for any Australian child. This is why millions of Australians participate in various cycling competitions within and outside Australia.


Introduced in Australia over a century ago, soccer is an incredibly popular sport in the country. Australia can boast of having more than two million soccer players, including children. Children play soccer in Australia more than adults. And thanks to the junior league team, Australian children can train to be professional players in the future.


Peter Biantes said that it is still up for debate whether dancing can be called a sporting activity or not. But you can’t deny that dancing is quite popular among Australians. In addition, millions of Australians ranging between children and adults dance in Australia. They dance to relax, entertain or compete. Dancing is also done at various Australian events like weddings, graduations, dinner parties, and so on.


The basketball sport in Australia has gone so far that the players have made it successful as international players. Many Australian basketball players have gone on to successfully play in the NBA and other international leagues. While several others have chosen to stay in Australia to successfully pursue their basketball career. This has encouraged many children to choose basketball as their game. Currently, Australia has over one million basketballers.

Australian Rules Football (AFL)

AFL is very popular in Australia, especially in the southern part of Australia and Victoria. It’s one of the sports in Australia that is widely played and watched by thousands of Australians. Almost two million people play AFL, a number that grows yearly.


Known as a competitive and social sport, tennis is as popular as cricket in Australia. Over 955,000 Australian residents play this game, including young children.


Cricket is mostly played in the summer in Australia. It is a competitive as well as a leisure game. You can play this game in your backyard, at the beach, or on a professional field. Thousands of Australian adults and children play cricket regularly.

National Rugby League (NRL)

More than 765,000 people play this popular game, but only 170,000 are registered as official players. Still, it is a widely played game in Australia that has different versions.


Australia started playing netball around 1897. It is a children’s and women’s game in Australia, with thousands of players regularly playing across Australia. Australia has taken the netball game far because it has an international team that represents the country in international tournaments. Since the team was created, it has lost four games out of the 14 world competitions it has participated in.


Lastly, Peter Biantes urges sports enthusiasts to always have whenever they participate in any sporting activities. However, he advises them not to neglect their mental and physical well-being. When their mental and physical health is good, they can perform to the best of their abilities. As a health and wellness coach, he advises them to seek professional medical help when needed.