The Many Advantages Of Playing On Artificial Sports Turf Here In Australia

Artificial Sports Turf

We do like to play sports here in Australia and so we want to be able to play on the right kind of surface area so that we can play the game well but it can also take part safely. There are some options open to us but it seems that artificial sports turf seems to become more popular year by year. People who take care of the grounds often comment that one of the main selling points is that it is far easier to maintain than a normal real grass surface. There are many more reasons however and we will talk about some of them here today.

If you have never played on an artificial sports turf surface before then you’re missing out on something truly wonderful and it allows you to play games and to be more surefooted. For the game of soccer, you can turn much more quickly and the ball moves easily across the surface than it would on a standard grass field. If you do have an opportunity quite soon to play on such a surface then the following are just some of the key advantages of it.

Here are the top Advantages of Artificial Sports Turf

  • More practical in different types of weather – Playing on a standard grass surface when it is raining a lot leads to muddy and slippery circumstances and this is not conducive to being able to put your best foot forward and play your best game. The beauty about artificial sports turf is that you always have the grip that you need which is especially important if you are trying to avoid injuries that might put back your game or your training by several months. It doesn’t take long for a regular real grass surface to turn into a field of mud in a very short space of time and this makes it incredibly difficult to take care of from a maintenance point of view.
  • It always looks amazing – It can be a little embarrassing when a visiting team comes to your ground and it is a complete mess due to inclement weather and the fact that the was a game played on it just a few days ago. A natural grass field requires an incredible amount of maintenance including the regular cutting of the grass itself, watering when it is particularly dry and a lot of time needs to be dedicated to it so that it looks as good as an artificial sports turf option. Artificial turf is so easy to take care of and all you really need is a clean brush and a hose to keep it looking amazing all year round.
  • Much less maintenance is required – If you are a grounds person and you have an option when it comes to the surface that you would like to take care of then you should choose artificial turf every single time. It just makes your life so much easier and there is a lot less maintenance required to take care of it. This means that you will save both time and money because it never needs to be watered, it never needs to be mowed and it certainly doesn’t need any fertiliser. On the opposite side of the coin, a real grass surface needs all of the above and more.
  • It’s sturdier and durable – If you own a piece of ground and you want to rent it out for sporting events then with a real grass surface, you are somewhat restricted in how many times you can rent it out over a year. Because it needs maintenance after every game this doesn’t allow you to make the most of your business opportunities. Artificial turf on the other hand can be used over and over again day after day and so this is why it is known as the most durable choice when it comes to playing games. The fibres in the artificial sports turf are a lot stronger than grass so it can put up with a lot more. With the right kind of maintenance, you can expect your artificial turf to last you many years.


You also don’t need to worry about the many pests that we have here in Australia. After all, they don’t find this type of surface attractive at all because they can’t eat it. This means that the surface doesn’t suffer from bald spots here and there as you would with a regular grass surface. If you want to do something to reduce your carbon footprint then your artificial sports turf is better for the environment and for a more enjoyable game every single time, your playing field will be a lot more level than a natural grass surface. Make the right choice and choose artificial sports turf today.