Indiabulls Real Estate Share Price – Analysis

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Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd. is a Real Estate firm with a market valuation of Rs 4,195.28 crore (Mid Cap) that was founded in 2006. In this blog, we will analyze the Indiabulls Real Estate Share Price.

For the fiscal year ending 31 March 2022, one of Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd.’s primary products/revenue segments is Other Operating Revenue.

The company’s Consolidated Total Income for the quarter ending 30-09-2022 was Rs 202.90 Crore, up 23.58% from the previous quarter’s Total Income of Rs 164.19 Crore but down 46.78% from the same quarter one year before. In the most recent quarter, the company’s net profit was Rs 56.72 billion.

Mr. K G Krishnamurthy, Mr. Gurbans Si-ngh, Mr. Mehul Johnson, Mr. Gurinder Singh, Ms.Supriya Bhatnagar, Mr. Praveen Kumar Tripathi, Mr. Saurabh Garg, and Mr. Ravi Telkar are among the company’s senior executives. The company’s auditors are Agarwal Prakash & Co. There are now 54.17 crore shares of the company’s stock available for purchase as of September 30, 2022.

What Does Indiabulls Real Estate Share Price Depend On?


  • The company has relatively little debt.
  • The firm’s Cash Conversion Cycle is as short as possible, coming in at zero days.
  • The company’s current ratio of 5.45 indicates a strong liquidity position.


  • With a -181.03% decline in profits over the last three years, the firm has shown very bad performance.
  • Over the last three years, sales growth for the firm has averaged out to be -97.08%.
  • In the last three years, the company’s return on equity has been negative.
  • Over the previous three years, the company’s return on invested capital has only been 0.91 percent.
  • Over the previous five years, the firm’s EBITDA margin has been rather poor, at -37.76%.

Analysis Indiabulls Real Estate Share Price and a Brief Research Report Is the stock of Indiabulls Real Est. a company that you should consider investing in?

indiabulls real estate Ltd.

When investing in stocks, you have to carefully look at a company’s financial information to figure out what its real market value is. This is normally done by studying the firm’s profits and losses account, cash flow, and balance sheet statement. This might be laborious and time-consuming to do.

The enormous amount of data that can be discovered in a statement of financial position can be made easier to understand by looking at the company’s financial ratios, which can be found in the company’s financial statements. One of the easiest ways to find out about the performance of a company is to look at its financial ratios.

The following are a few of the most important tools that any investor needs to include in their research process.

  • Price to Earnings’ ratio, which reflects for every rupee of earnings how much an investor is ready to pay for a share. As a matter of thumb, stocks that are trading at a P/E ratio that is low are considered to be undervalued (it depends on other factors too). The price-to-earnings ratio for Indiabulls Real Est. is -75.83, which is a low number and indicates that the company is relatively undervalued.
  • The Return on Assets metric determines how well a business can generate a profit from the assets it has invested in. To put it another way, ROA illustrates how effectively a business is able to transform the funds that were spent to acquire assets into net income or profits. A ROA of -0.82% is a negative indicator of future performance, as is the case with Indiabulls Real Est. (at any point in time, larger numbers are always preferable)
  • The current ratio is a measurement that determines whether or not a firm is able to meet its short-term obligations with the assets that it has on hand at the moment. It is ideal to have a larger current ratio so that the firm can be resilient in the face of unanticipated bumps in business and the economy. This indicates that Indiabulls Real Est. has a Current ratio of 5.45.
  • Return on equity (ROE) is a performance metric that determines a company’s capacity to create profits from the money that its shareholders have invested in the business. To put it another way, the return on equity ratio demonstrates how much profit is generated from each rupee of common shareholders’ equity. The return on equity for Indiabulls Real Est. is -0.89%. (more points are always a plus)
  • The ratio of debt to equity is a useful indicator for evaluating a company’s capital structure in conjunction with its overall performance. The debt-to-equity ratio for Indiabulls Real Est. is 0.08, which indicates that the firm has a low level of debt in relation to its capital.
  • The inventory turnover ratio is a kind of activity ratio that may be used as a tool to assess a company’s inventory in terms of its liquidity. It is a measurement that determines how many times in a certain amount of time a firm has sold out and then replenished its inventory. The fact that Indiabulls Real Est. has an Inventory turnover ratio of 0.00 demonstrates that the management is inefficient in respect to the management of both its Inventory and its working capital.
  • Indiabulls Real Est. has recorded sales growth of -99.95%, which is dismal in respect to the company’s development and performance.
  • This metric will provide you with information about the effectiveness of the company’s operations. During the current fiscal year, Indiabulls Real Est. had an operating margin of -6,13,686.21%.
  • The dividend yield provides information about the amount of dividends we may expect to earn in proportion to the cost of the stock. Indiabulls Real Est. has a dividend payout of 0 rupees for the current fiscal year, and its yield is 0%.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Can One Purchase Indiabulls Real Estate Shares?

By opening a demat account and having your KYC papers validated over the internet, you will be able to acquire Indiabulls Real Estate shares.

What is Indiabulls Real Estate Share Price?

The share price of any stock can be considered volatile, which means that it changes a lot during the trading day because of many different factors. The Indiabulls Real Estate Share Price was 76.55 rupees on 17th January ‘23.