Facebook (Meta) Stocks and Major Shareholders

Facebook Meta Stocks

Four people established Meta over a decade ago, including Mark Zuckerberg. It became popular immediately after its launch. Millions of people registered eight years after its launch. It was within that period that Meta went public with good value.

About Facebook and Meta

Facebook’s new name is Meta. Meta incorporated is now owned by Mark Zuckerberg. It is one of the biggest social media platforms with millions of users. Facebook, now Meta, is used by people to communicate with other people online. It is a social connecting platform to meet new people, chat with old friends and family.

In addition, it is an avenue for politicians to propagate their agendas. Business owners also use Meta to advertise and sell products. This may be due to Meta’s large registered users. Meta has a website and apps. Parts of the apps are the messaging apps that can be used for audio or video calls. You can also send and receive messages. You don’t need to recharge to make a call, you only need a good internet connection. Meta has another application called Instagram. Instagram users share photos, videos, and advertise.

Recently, Meta has announced its journey to a new sector called Metaverse. This is why Facebook changed its name to Meta. Metaverse is the combination of virtual-reality and augmented-reality services.

According to Nikit Shingari, Meta is getting money through adverts and marketing. Nikit Shingari is an investor, trader, who has been in the stock market business for a while.

Facebook Major Shareholders

Investors buy the shares of a company and become a shareholder of the company. The shares solely belong to the buyer unless he sells them or transfers them to another entity. This is different if a firm wants to buy shares of another firm. The firm has to go through separate legal proceedings to buy them every time. Additionally, if the firm wishes to sell the purchased firm, it has to go through the same process.

Therefore, Meta has a lot of shareholders who bought their stocks.

Mark is the largest shareholder with an almost 17 percent share of Meta.

Some of the major shareholders are:

Vanguard Incorporated

Vanguard bought more than 7 percent Meta shares.

Michael Schroepfer

He has been working at Meta for more than a decade. He owns more than 0.01 percent of Meta’s total value. His shares can be estimated to amount to more than 630,000 stocks. Michael works in the department of tech development as their leader. He leads the team to use AI and VR to improve the company’s products and services. He had previously worked as an engineer with top posts in large corporations.

Facebook Meta Stocks

Facebook Meta stocks value has declined ever since the company changed to Meta. That is, its value has reduced ever since Mark announced the firm’s entrance into the metaverse.

During the last fourth-quarter report in 2021, Meta revenues were not as much as expected. Each share is sold at a lesser price than previous stock selling. Moreover, it is expected that the first quarter of the year 2022 for Meta isn’t looking good. Because of this, lots of investors panicked and sold their shares. This led to the further reduction of Facebook Meta stocks value. In fact, this would be the lowest decline in the history of Meta (Facebook).

An official of Meta stated that another firm, Apple, is part of the decline. Apple users account for more than a million users on Meta. Apple devices like mobile phones, laptops, and so on are Metaverse-compatible. Yet, Meta has not seen many Apple users registering for their new products. This is because Apple is facing; privacy problems, high cost of products, and foreign currencies problems. Therefore, the number of Apple users has drastically reduced. People are not buying Apple’s new products as much as before.

Furthermore, Facebook usage has drastically reduced before the end of 2021. Thousands of users stopped checking their Facebook accounts. This has reduced the number of engagements and connections on Facebook. Even business owners have said that their target audience for their adverts has not been met.

Meta Investment

Mark agrees that the growth of Meta from Facebook is a very slow and gradual process. He explains that Meta will use AR and VR to bridge the gap between the real and virtual world. It will also take users between two or more virtual worlds.

However, if investors want to invest in Meta, they should know that it will take years to get returns. Yet, many investors don’t have the time and patience to wait. Apple wants to track what users do on the internet. This has affected the advertising and marketing campaign of Meta on Apple’s devices. Users can turn off web tracking but Meta can’t know users. Users’ knowledge is used to collect data to target a specific audience. Lack of data collection is a turn-off for ad makers. They will go to other platforms apart from Meta to advertise their products. Thus, Meta will lose advert money and have increased expenses. This can cost the company billions of dollars.

The only way to prevent this is for Meta to optimize ads. This will bring more users and increase users’ growth.

What is surprising though is that Meta manages to make money from its users every quarter.


Mark’s new venture, Metaverse, will need huge funding for it to operate well. It will take years for the venture to bring profits to the founder and the investors.

Therefore, if investors can wait for some years, they can invest in Meta stocks.