Pro Tips For House Hunting


House hunting is a lot of fun for most home buyers, tracking down possibilities, taking the tours, and imagining how it would feel to make the place your own. Even so, it is still a time-consuming and often difficult process because it is one of the most important decisions you might ever make!

The thrill of the hunt is hard to deny, looking for that special house for sale in Pattaya and then seeing if it is the right fit for you and your family. But for now, let’s backtrack a little and consider some of the issues you should be taking into account before and after you begin your search. The following tips are from the house-buying pros who have been through it all!

Expert Advice from House-buying Pros


The price is bound to be the major factor when choosing a home to purchase, it’s a make-or-break condition. Sure, you could go ahead and buy something that’s a bit beyond what you had planned, it’s so special it’s worth it, right? But then what happens? You become ‘house poor’, allocating a larger portion of your income to house payments than you comfortably can, while other aspects of your life suffer. Sure, you are in a great new home, but you can’t go out to eat anymore, and unexpected expenses become disasters because you are stretched so financially thin. Wouldn’t it be better to get something safely within your price range that will still allow you to enjoy life? You can always fix it up to better suit your desires later because you will have the money to do so! Do yourself a favour, the buck stops here, and when the asking price exceeds your limit, you can cross that one off of your list!


Go ahead, say it three times, it really is that important! This may actually be the critical factor for choosing a home, you are not buying an island, so where your home sits does matter! Take the time to consider the following when choosing whether to buy or not:

  • Safety – Do some research on the neighbourhood. What is the local crime rate? Have there been break ins? It’s also essential that you meet your potential future neighbours in order to gauge whether you are likely to get along with them or not. Do they have strong political, social, or religious beliefs that they might try to inflict on your lifestyle, comfort, or even safety? It happens! If you are really interested in a place, join the local neighbourhood group on social media to check the local pulse and catch the gossip! There is nothing worse than moving in next to a bad neighbour, protect yourself with knowledge, and above all trust your gut- if something seems off it usually is, try somewhere else!
  • Flooding – This is a real global problem, many a dream home has been turned to wreckage when the floods come! Before you even consider buying a house, carefully research the area to discover if it is in a flood-prone area. Is it near a river? A dam? The seaside? What is the annual rainfall, and where does that rain go when it falls on your prospective neighbourhood? If every house on the block is built on stilts, move on!
  • Schools – A critical requirement if you have kids, not as much if you do not, but bare in mind being near a good school district ups your home’s value if you ever want to sell it!
  • Airports – If you are a frequent flyer, ask yourself how much time you want to spend getting to the airport. Of course, you don’t want to be too close because of the noise, although homes built there will be going at low prices! A good rule of thumb is an hour away, not too close, not too far.
  • Public Transport – This may not be as important if you own a car and it’s your chief mode of getting around, but it’s still good to know what public transportation reaches you if the need should ever arise. If you are someone who wants to leave the car at home and catch a bus or train to work, then a handy connection that makes frequent trips is a must-have. Look for nearby bus stops and rail stations to get the lay of the land, and check their schedules to gauge their convenience.
  • Parking – Speaking of cars, what is the parking like? A lot of really nice-looking neighbourhoods during the day become war zones in the evenings as everyone tries to park on the street in front of their house, and there aren’t enough spaces to go around! Does the home have a private driveway? If not, you had better check the parking signs posted along the street.

If you want to buy a home in Thailand, check here for official information. Good luck with the search for your perfect new home!