Features To Be Essentially Added to Modern Kitchen Cabinets for Better Usability

discount kitchen cabinets

To many homeowners, choosing the right cabinets for the kitchen is the most stressful decision of their kitchen renovation project. But this notion is wrong. Turn your stress into fun. Apart from style, color, and material, you can custom the cabinets too. Also, you can add some special features to make the units more functional and beautiful without breaking the bank.

Features to be added to kitchen cabinets

Here are the most commonly and easily chosen features that you can add to the discount kitchen cabinets so they become more useful.

  • Pull-down, swing-out, and roll-out drawers –

Drawers are the most useful yet the most challenging part of a kitchen. You can never satisfy yourself with drawers. They never seem to be enough. This is a universal problem. To handle this issue smartly, utilize the blank space that you can’t use for other purposes. For example, you may consider the space between the kitchen sink and the bottom cabinet. You can also use the corner cabinet. Add a tilt tray under the sink and store washing essentials there. You may ask the cabinet dealer to add pull-down, roll-out, and swing-out drawers to the cabinets for more space.

  • Appliance garage

If you don’t have a good place to store the small appliances, you might have shoved them into somewhere inside the cabinets. Or you have kept them right on the counter of the kitchen causing visual pollution. They are eating up space while getting in the way and making you frustrated when you are cooking or doing something else in the kitchen. To avoid such an eyesore, include appliance garage to the cabinetry. Such garages give a hidden space to store small appliances that didn’t have space to be stored previously. They pull down and keep whatever you want to put behind the cabinet doors.

  • Lighting

This is an important addition to the cherry kitchen cabinets. Cabinets are often dark and made for storing the items you have bought from the grocery store. If you see that the units look too dark, don’t mind adding lighting into the cabinets. This will illuminate the space while allowing you to see better. You may opt for automatic lighting that gets activated as you open the door of the cabinet. You can also opt for manual lighting. All you need to flip the switch or pull the string to turn on the lights.

  • Hidden bins and slide-out baskets

Recycle bins and trash cans in the kitchen are never desired to be displayed. You will likely want to hide them. Besides being an eyesore, they attract stinking smells of rotten food, insects, and so on. As a result, your guests may feel turned off. To keep the baskets and bins out of the sight, add slide-out baskets to the cabinets. The bins and the baskets can be placed inside the cabinetry system and thus will be hidden. You can see them only when you open the door for storing wastes.

  • Lazy Susan

Finally, if there is a corner cabinet that you can’t use properly, add a Lazy Susan to the cabinets and store different types of items. The tool can be perfectly maneuvered inside the unit.

These are just a few things that you can successfully add to your cherry wood kitchen cabinets or cabinets of some other make and model. But all dealers or cabinet makers are not good enough to do this for you. So choose a reputable dealer who can custom make your cabinet units and provide you with more space to store various items that otherwise you don’t want to show off.