9 Best Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

kitchen cabinet

Get all the information you need on kitchen cabinet design ideas. Cabinets can transform a kitchen in terms of appearance and organization. Whether you choose your furniture for the first time or decide to update it, there are many options for personalizing your kitchen with a table.

If this is your first time choosing your furniture, you have the option to select the color and type of wood you want based on your kitchen design. If you’re upgrading your cabinets, painting is an easy way to do an inexpensive upgrade before you’re ready to replace your cabinets thoroughly.

There are often many decisions regarding the outward appearance of cabinets, and the organizational potential is overlooked. 

kitchen cabinets design ideas

1- Cabinet with a bold finish:

The traditional white makes sense because it looks clean and shiny. While you can’t go wrong with glossy white furniture, it can also look a little dull and lackluster. Colorful furniture can give your kitchen a personalized life and atmosphere that perfectly matches your unique personality. When it comes to choosing the color of a cabinet, you have the freedom to choose the one you like.

2- Full-height cabinet:

Take it or take a look, that space up there is wasted space. While traditional furniture design indicates you need space, that’s not necessarily true. Modern furniture design ignores this conventional rule and causes Kitchen cabinets in Orland Park to extend to the ceiling. Next, arrange an upper row of lockers that sit between them and the ceiling. Try to make accessible cabinets higher than standard cabinet heights, then slightly reduce taller cabinets’ size.

3- Two-tone cabinet:

If you like the idea of ​​colorful furniture but don’t think it will work in your kitchen, don’t give up on the dream yet. Instead of having all the cabinets black or blue, you can paint half of them in this shade. The best way to do this is paint the base cabinet’s one color and then paint the wall cabinets another.

4- Glassdoor ideas for cabinets:

Glass doors are not a new trend, but you can give them a modern look. There are two models of glass doors to choose. The first is a glass insert in a frame that matches the rest of the furniture. The other option is a full glass cabinet door.

Glass doors can work in both traditional and modern kitchen styles. This makes it a versatile design detail.

5- Open shelves ideas for cabinets:

One modern design trend you’ve probably seen is to skip furniture altogether and use open shelves instead. You will see a varying number of frames from one to four on a single wall. Most stands are long and deep enough to hold plates, bowls, and kitchen utensils.

While the idea of ​​open shelving looks excellent in professional-style images, it may not be practical in your kitchen. Think about the items you store in your closets; do you want to show them all in full screen? You will need to be vigilant when cleaning so that your shelves do not collect dust. If not done correctly, your kitchen could look like a dusty and messy mess.

6- Kitchen cabinet drawer:

Do you have deep closets that you have a hard time getting to the bottom of? They are like dark black holes where kitchen appliances disappear for years. These deep cabinets are great for storing a lot of items but great for their ease of use. By turning these cabinets into drawers, you can still use all the space while still providing easy access to the back items.

7- Hardware kitchen cabinet:

If you can make no changes to the existing cabinets, you can make hardware changes. This slight modification is easy and non-invasive for your closets. Think of it as accessories for your kitchen cabinets. Just like a trendy necklace can transform a dress, stylish hardware can breathe new life into your wardrobes.

8- Cabinet for the built-in appliance:

A challenge for any kitchen is figuring out what to do with the major appliances. If you’ve planned, all of your devices should have the same finish. They are usually white, black or stainless steel in color. Give your kitchen a cohesive look. However, even if you have your appliances matched, covering them can make your kitchen cleaner and leaner.

9- Decorative frame for cabinet:

The modern trend is to choose wardrobes with flat sheets. Get smooth, flat furniture that creates a unique surface throughout your kitchen. While this is nice, it’s not for everyone, and it doesn’t work in all homes. It is when you should consider a traditional furniture design, such as a cocktail shaker or raised panel. These cabinets have subtle details that give them a conventional or handcrafted look.



The range of kitchen cabinet design ideas may seem almost endless, but the truth is that kitchen cabinet styles generally fall into a few main categories, one of which is sure to suit your tastes in the kitchen. It will help you organize everything in your kitchen, from pots and pans to blenders and measuring cups. 

By browsing through helpful kitchen cabinet design ideas and photos, you should have no problem choosing the right style for your home. Start by thinking about how you use your kitchen and where everything should be, as this will help you decide what kind of storage you need. So make sure everyday dishes are on an easy-to-reach bottom shelf with unique occasion pieces higher up.