Protect Your Property Floor with Outdoor Mats

Outdoor mats

Every detail matters for a great impression of your home, business premises, or institution. This doesn’t exclude the floors. Floors play a huge role in the way the entire property looks. Whether you run your own business, want to make your home seem more elegant, or work in an institution, such as a school or hospital, the way the floors look reflects your care for your image!

Therefore, you need to find ways to protect your floors and maintain them shiny and spotless. Is there a better way to do so than by getting durable outdoor mats? If you’re unsure how mats can help you, check out these 11 benefits that will help you make up your mind!

One of the most important benefits of having an outdoor mat is keeping your floors clean. Clean floors reflect how much you care about your property. However, constantly mopping and sweeping or vacuuming your floor is tiring. Therefore, outdoor mats can save you a lot of time and struggles!

Place a doormat outside your entrance. It will absorb the dirt and keep the floors clean from dirt. As there are various materials mats can be made of, if you want to focus on keeping your property clean, polypropylene or scraper mats are an ideal choice for you. Simply make your visitors brush their feet against it before entering your home or office and you won’t have to worry about cleaning it often!

  • Prevent moisture damage

As you probably know, moisture and humidity can ruin your expensive and luxurious-looking0 flooring, especially if it’s made out of hardwood. Since hardwood flooring isn’t suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, it’s probably not the best solution for reception areas, entryways, and hallways. However, protecting the floor is probably cheaper at this moment than completely replacing it. So, how can you protect it?

If you place the right outdoor mats right outside the entrance, it will trap the moisture from your, your employees’, guests’, and clients’ shoes which will ensure your floor stay dry, clean, and moisture-free. On top of that, rubber and similar mats can also prevent injuries from slippery floors!

  • Trap dirt and debris

Have you ever walked around your property feeling sand-like traction beneath your feet? It’s because you’ve carried in dirt and debris on your shoes! Since you can’t prevent the debris from piling up on your shoe soles, you can protect your property by placing outdoor mats!

The perfect outdoor mat for your premises would be the dirt trapper that, as the name says, traps various forms of dirt and debris from your shoes. Waffle-designed dirt trapper sustains different weather conditions, and besides the dirt, it removes water and moisture from your shoes which keeps the floors clean and neat.

  • Resist mold

If you live in a humid climate, you surely know how difficult it is to battle mold. One of the worst things that can happen to your property, besides other natural and man-made catastrophes, is mold. Mold not only ruins your walls and floors; it also endangers your health making you susceptible to various illnesses.

To prevent something as minor but as dangerous as mold from ruining your home or workspace, you need to place a doormat right outside your door. As it will trap moisture, you’re minimizing the chances of molding. Mats are made for high-traffic areas and are usually wear and tear, so replace them often.

  • Anti-fungal effects

As you probably know, fungus thrives in wet and humid areas. Even if your doormat traps all the moisture from the shoes that walk across of it, such humid areas are prone to fungus creations. This may lead to the spread of unwanted fungus around your house which in some cases can cause molding.

Luckily, mats with anti-fungal effects exist. They are not only moisture resistant but also resistant to UV rays. This means that they can withstand the impacts and effects of direct sunlight without losing their quality and color.

  • Eliminate hazard in indoor space

Most people don’t take off their shoes when they enter the home. Similarly, you can’t expect your clients to take off their shoes when they step into your premises. However, it’s commonly known that shoes may be to blame for different diseases as you’re stepping over God-knows-what while walking outside. So, what can you do?

If you place outdoor mats and make your clients or guests wipe their feet before entering your property, you’re minimizing the chances of hazardous material entering your space. On top of that, you’re also protecting their health and wellbeing as slippery floors may cause a lot of accidents!

  • Improved branding and visual appeal

The first impression matters especially for a business or a home you’re trying to sell. What else do they see first when they approach your property than the door. So, to improve visual appeal and develop branding, you can place a doormat right outside your door.

By printing a logo, arrows, or welcoming messages, you’re creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that leads to a great first impression. On top of that, as the mat absorbs moisture, dirt, and debris, you’re keeping your floors clean, which contributes to maintaining an excellent impression of your home or company.

  • Minimize floor stains

Floors like lino, stone, or carpets are prone to stains. Imagine having a wonderfully carpeted front area and seeing clients walk with muddy shoes all over your premises. That will require constant cleaning and stain removal, which takes a lot of time, patience, and funds!

Instead of worrying about stains, implement an outdoor mat right before your entrance which will remind your guests and clients how important wiping their shoes is! As mats absorb water and dirt, your floors will remain spotless! Sadly, you can’t stop clients from accidentally spilling their drinks on the floor. But cases like these are not as frequent as walking in with muddy or dirty shoes.

  • Prolonged floor longevity

As previously mentioned, some indoor floors are not made to be affected by different conditions, such as fungus, moisture, and dirt. No matter what kind of floor you opt for, making sure it lasts long will save your budget. By placing outdoor mats, you’re prolonging your floor’s life by ensuring people step in with clean shoes. But what are the best flooring options for your property?

When it comes to style, vinyl and hardwood flooring go hand in hand. However, some of the main differences are quality, longevity, and price. Since hardwood floors last longer and are made of natural, high-quality materials, they cost more. On the other hand, vinyl is more of a wear and tear type of floor. Both need care and maintenance to look good, so, make sure they don’t have to withstand different levels of humidity, dirt, and debris.

  • Customize for your needs

Did you know that mats made out of different materials exist? Depending on your needs, you can choose different kinds, sizes, and materials for your mat. This is ideal for homes, businesses, or organizations. How can you customize your mats?

The choice of an ideal outdoor mat depends on the weather and climate, the size of your property, and the number of people passing through. Additionally, you need to consider the purpose. Is it only for cleaning and keeping your premises neat, or do you want to implement your branding strategy in it?

  • Minimize maintenance cost

Since different kinds of floor can withstand different conditions and weather, without suitable protective doormats, they may get ruined. There is no right choice of the floor, so you need to do everything in your power to protect and keep your floors clean. But what about the mats?

Since they withstand high traffic, they need to be cleaned from time to time to be as effective as you expect them to be. Depending on the material, there are different ways to clean a doormat. In addition to that, the cleaning frequency depends if you’re using a mat for work premises or home.


Different kinds of mats can protect your floors in different ways. To choose the adequate mat for your need, you need to know what kind of effect you want to achieve. Hopefully, this article helped you understand the benefits of mats a little better, which will result in cleaner and neater premises!