8 Top Differences between Vinyl Flooring and Hardwood Flooring

8 Top Differences between Vinyl flooring and hardwood flooring

Are you renovating your home and not sure about the type of flooring you should opt for? This confusion is valid because of all the options you see online regarding home décor. You can search for the best flooring options online, where you will see hardwood floorings, vinyl floorings, laminated floorings, and a few others. But out of all, vinyl flooring in Columbus stands out.

Now, you must be thinking why vinyl flooring? You might want to go for hardwood floorings due its elegance and durability. Both of them are applicable in their respects. But here are some reasons that why vinyl flooring is better than hardwood flooring in general to specific.

Vinyl is better in many different ways. Following are pointers that will help distinguish its features from hardwood flooring:

  1. In terms of making
  2. In terms of looks
  3. In durability
  4. In maintenance
  5. In moisture resistance
  6. In terms of application
  7. In terms of design
  8. In terms of cost

As far as making is concerned vinyl flooring Columbus is made of high-quality plastic synthetic sheets, whereas hardwood flooring is made of natural wood which is taken out of trees. In this aspect, vinyl floor planks are thicker and deep than hardwood floor planks. This makes vinyl flooring easy to install than hardwood flooring.

  • In terms of looks:

Both hardwood floorings and vinyl floorings are famous for their aesthetics and appeal. But both of them serve in different ways. Hardwood floorings are naturally of wood which gives an elegant look to your household whereas vinyl floor planks are craft in this way that they can take the look of real wooden floorings. Vinyl floorings are better in the sense that they offer a stylish, classic, and also luxurious outlook that suits your lifestyle.

  •  In durability:

When you are looking into flooring options for your household, their durability is your topmost priority. In this respect, vinyl flooring planks are more durable than hardwood floorings. Because hardwood floorings can damage easily but with vinyl , you can have a longer-lasting experience up to almost 20 years.

  • In maintenance:

In terms of maintenance, vinyl flooring is surely better than hardwood flooring. Vinyl does not require any sort of polishing or lamination. Whereas, hardwood floor planks need more care and maintenance. You need carpets to prevent any damage in the case of hardwood flooring. But for vinyl foot mats are quite enough.

  • In moisture resistance:

For water or moisture resistance, hardwood flooring is prone to moisture resistance. That is why hardwood flooring is not suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. Whereas, vinyl flooring in Columbus has quality floor planks that are both moisture and heat-resistant. Due to this quality vinyl floor planks can easily be installed in the kitchen, bathrooms, basements, and laundry rooms.

  • In terms of application:

Hardwood flooring sheets are mostly preferred by homeowners for their elegant and sophisticated look but they are not suitable for stores or other high traffic areas. Vinyl is way better in this respect. They can withstand crowded or busy areas. They can resist wear and tear for a good amount of time. Vinyl flooring is applied due to its stylish and luxurious look and its durability.

  • In terms of design:

As far as designs, colors, and edge cuts are concerned, both hardwood and vinyl floorings have their specific outlooks but vinyl stands out here. Hardwood floor planks also come in a variety of shades and designs but they all give wooden vibes. But for designs, vinyl flooring in Columbus has plenty of options in texture, design, edge cuts, and shades.

  • In terms of cost:

In this aspect, vinyl floor is cheaper than hardwood flooring. The reason is that hardwood flooring is made of complete wooden planks using some varnishing techniques for finishing. On the other hand, vinyl floor planks are made of synthetic material like plastic which makes them less expensive than hardwood flooring. Also, its cost depends upon the thickness of vinyl floor planks.



The above-mentioned information is enough to understand that why vinyl is better than hardwood flooring. Although it is totally up to your choice and requirement in home décor vinyl flooring in Columbus provides durability, sustenance, reliability, style, and affordable prices at one platform. Choose whatever suits your aesthetic sense.