Best Wine Gift Ideas: Wine Lover in your Friends and Families

Best Wine Gift Ideas Wine Lover in your Friends and FamiliesBest Wine Gift Ideas Wine Lover in your Friends and Families

Celebrations have always been the oxygen supplier in our lives. We all live a very tightly scheduled life where there is no time for taking breath or self-care. The possible escape routes available to us are vacations once in 6 months or celebrating occasions with close people. Since 2020, vacationing has become restricted due to worldwide quarantine; so the only option left is to celebrate occasions virtually with our beloved families and friends and send them online gifts. Amongst the gifts of any occasion, the wine is perfect. Here is a list of the best wine gift ideas.

Myra Misfit is an Indian indigenous wine farm, established by a food and beverage enthusiast by heart and an ex-banker by profession, Mr. Ajay Shetty. He believes that ‘wine is all heart’. It is India’s first unfiltered wine, available in limited edition. They created soulfully by blending classic sauvignon and fruity Shiraz. A finely kept and aged in French oak barrels for three years order wines online. The taste buds will be filled with spicy and fruity taste while the nostrils will be satiated with a strong berry aroma. Let your beloveds enjoy this bottle of ecstasy with platters full of pasta, pizza, and meat.

  • Sula Rasa Shiraz

Sula Rasa Shiraz wine is a complex form of wine that is best served a little bit chilly, perfect in 16 degrees Celsius. In the French Oak barrels, Sula Rasa produced from the vineyards of Sula are stored for the first 1 year. Then the fine wine becomes finest by ripening within the bottles before released in the market. It is best to open the bottle just 30 minutes before serving to enjoy it chilly. The best platters that complement this wine are varieties of cheese (parmesan, Gouda) and different barbeque dishes. For a family feast, this can be one of the best wine gift ideas.

  • KRSMA Sangiovese

Fresh from the vineyards of Hampi, this KRSMA Sangiovese wine is a perfect bottle to send a genuine wine lover to your family and friends on occasion. It is a layered wine with the first delight of juicy red fruits slowly turning into spiciness. It is an apt balance of fruit and acidity- perfect for the continental dishes to match. With an excess of cherries and cloves, KRSMA Sangiovese is a fine wine to make your beloved’s occasional celebration a little special.

  • Pinot Gris

There is a little confusion between the Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris as both the wine belongs to the same series. Pinot Gris is a white grape wine, originated from the vineyards of Burgundy. Rather it can be called a ‘pink skin’ mutated version of Pinot Noir. With the notes of pears, stone fruits, tropical fruits, apples, and the aroma of smokes, this is a lightly acidic, and more sugary wine. The best food that compliments this bottle of Pinot Gris is air-cured beef salad, pulled pork seasoned with apple slaw and fennel, or squid seasoned with salt and pepper.

  • Chardonnay

If your beloved wine-loving family or friend is fond of white wines; Chardonnay is the best bottle to wrap up as a gift from the market. With the definitive yes from all the wine connoisseurs from around the world, this is the safest wine to order for anyone from online gift delivery sites. There are different kinds of bottles of chardonnay- a magnum bottle can be a very affordable gift for the family celebration while for posh events like weddings, it is better to pick up an expensive bottle of chardonnay.

  • Aix Rose & Rose Wine Tote

Well, gifting a wine along with a matching tote can be of great use later. It makes the gift look exclusive and at the same time, the tote can be useful later as well. The Aix Rose is a balanced and fragrant wine that charms with its hypnotizing pink color and sweet fruity fragrance. It has a crispy acidity along with a lot of delicate watermelon and strawberry essences. Besides, the rose wine tote is 100% cotton, a Brooklyn-made bag carrying the wine with ease. One can choose to send wine gifts to Germany for occasions. For such available gifts, it is best to order wines online.

  • Rose Wine Trio

This wine set is a collaboration of the three finest families- the Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolly’s Miraval Rose, the Vanderpump Rose, and the Hampton Water Rose from the Jon Bon Jovi family. The Miraval Rose has an aroma of spring flowers and fresh fruits and tastes of saline and mineral. Vanderpump Rose on the other hand exerts an elegant aroma of red currant and pepper (sweet citrus); it has a combined taste of tangerine, peach, and strawberry. With the burst of berries and watermelon, the Hampton Water Rose has balanced acidity, a hint of minerals, and a long dry finish.

Above are the best wine gift ideas to send your wine-loving friend or family to celebrate the occasions on a better note. Wines are the best and classic vintage gift that is beyond time and occasion.