Well kept kitchens

Said to be one of the most cluttered spaces in a household, Kitchens are truly always a mess, filled to the brim with giant pots and pans that have been passed down by our beloved grandmothers, or countertops piled up with the weekly groceries, the oven, and baking sheets all about for your children’s bake-off contest and dirty dishes heaped up in a corner, waiting to be put away.

Kitchens are one of those utility spaces that return to their usual untidy selves no matter how hard you try to keep them neat, with everything in place. With a challenge like this, Castle Kitchens is here to help you figure out some ways to declutter your workspace and help you stay organized.

Not only will we help you with our advice and recommendations but our product line with its large variety of kitchen and bathroom products makes sure there is nothing left behind in turning your house into a home for fine living.

Jumping right into it, our first advice is to organize the forespoken crockery, the giant pots and pans, and even the tiny ones that are not too big in size but still somehow perfectly manage to cause a mess. Rolling Cabinets are an absolutely perfect way to organize your kitchen equipment without it taking too much space or spreading out to the entire household. They roll out perfectly when needed as the name suggests and the only maintenance you’ll have to worry about it is some basic sorting and perhaps oiling when they ask for it. Other than that, you’re all set for sure.

  • Lazy Yet Helpful Susan

No, we’re not talking of the housekeeper, though she is certainly helpful and even more certainly lazier as well. All of your well-prepared and delicious-looking dishes all in one ‘dish’. Not only will it help you by reducing the dirty dishes that need to be cleaned but also give you more of a workstation on your countertops keeping them free and available to use instead of dirty and untidy. Instead of multiple serving plates, go easy and convenient with a lazy Susan. Easy to rotate and use, convenient in maintenance and cleaning, it is bound to make things easy for you. As helpful as they are, they create a very contemporary and classy look. They are a perfect add-on to up your dinner party games as well as ease up on the after-party chaos.

  • Tip Out or Trip Over

These master of all organizing custom builds are literally so underestimated to the point it’s actually such a discovery when you find someone making good use of them. Also, if you ever notice it is not even the pots and pans that make more of a mess than these little spoons smothered with peanut butter or  Nevertheless, whether you have heard of them or not, they are easy to install and even easier to use. They help you organize small litters of all your whisks, ladles, piping bag nozzles, etc. So instead of tripping over these, tip them out at your convenience.

  • Divide it

No, not the cookies. Cookies are not to be shared and divided but rather hogged up silently at 3 am while trying not to wake up the entire household and quickly wiping away crumbs as soon as you finish the jar. What we do mean by that phrase though, is to consider getting dividers and racks that help you to sort and arrange all your trays and plates. Dividers and racks will not only help you arrange but also help your dishes dry out faster if you don’t have a dishwasher.

  • The bare minimum: Drawers

It possibly can absolutely not get more basic than this, but just to make sure this goes on the list, drawers. Yes, install drawers below the countertop and wherever you get space that seems relevant and convenient. They’re supposed to hold almost all sorts of kitchen equipment and there’s absolutely not even a single thing that’s not meant to be kept in these. Cleaning sponges and fluid bottles? Crockery set you got as a Christmas gift? Hidden stash of candy bars and snacks? work perfectly. They’re a cheap option and work perfectly even in the long run if you pick out the material well.

Hopefully, these tips would help you in maintaining your kitchen well and make life a tad bit easier.

We, Castle Kitchens, are based in Canada and bring to you a fine variety of products ranging from refrigerators and stoves to dishwashers and coffeemakers, all to your liking. So anytime, there’s a new item on your checklist that we can provide, we would be more than happy to help.