Basic Wine Storing Tips

Wine Storing

Having a wine collection is a great one for wine lovers. Some people often have issues facing wine connoisseurs to ask them how to store wines correctly. Are you one of them? Don’t worry because we have all the answers you need. Many things should be put into consideration before storing wine. Research about the wine to make sure it can last for many years and know if you need to build a cellar.

Some wines are meant to be drunk within a few weeks while others such as fine wine can last for many years. Fine wines are very expensive and taste better with age therefore, you need to ensure they are stored properly. The storage will not only prolong the life of the wine but also protects it from household accidents. Here are wine storing tips that explain how to preserve your wine properly at home. Let’s dive in. 

Store them at the right temperature

According to research, one of the most important factors that influence the quality of a wine is its temperature. Keeping wines at an unsuitable temperature is the fastest way to spoil wines. The temperature of wine storage should be stable. This is because fluctuation in temperature can lead to cork expansion and contraction. This can cause air to enter the wine forcing it deep out.

Generally, the ideal temperature for storing wines for both long and short term is around  13ºC However, the temperature varies from wine to wine. Storing wine below 25 °F (-4ºC) can cause freezing and storing it above 68°F (20°C) can increase its adding process and also destroy its volatile compound. Hence, it is important to ask the wine manufacturer the specific temperature recommendation of a wine. To know more about wine temperature, check out wine storage online in Ontario. 

They must be stored horizontally

Do you often wonder why wines are stored horizontally? Well, storing your wine horizontally in a wine rack helps keep its cork moist which is important for long-term storage although this method doesn’t necessarily affect wine bottles with screw tops. It also helps save space and provides easy access. Upright storage often leads to wine seepage and premature aging. Do you want a luxury modern kitchen in Toronto? Then having wine storage is a must. Purchase the wines of your choice and keep them stored in a horizontal position in a wine rack at the right temperature. 

Store in a dark place without vibration

It doesn’t matter whether you are storing them for months or years, wines must be stored in a dark place. exposing your wines to ultraviolet rays from the sunlight will not only change their taste but will also change their aroma.  White wine stored in darker bottles is less affected by direct sunlight when compared with the ones in clear bottles. This is because clear bottles offer less protection and break easily.  Also, keep wine away from incandescent light and fluorescent fixtures because it affects the integrity of the wine storing. 

Preserving the great taste of wine implies storing it in a dark and dry place. You can also protect your wine from sunlight by keeping it inside a box or wrapping it with light close if you don’t have any dark space for it in your home. Opting for a cabinet is also another option provided it has solid or ultraviolet resistance doors. Your wine storing should also be far from household equipment that can cause vibration such as dishwashers, dryers, washing machines, step systems, and many more. Vibrations often disrupt wine processing and sediments which can lead to aging.