Cabinet Refacing benefits for kitchen remodeling

kitchen cabinet refacing

Tired of your old kitchen and want to breathe a new life into it? You might have been overwhelmed by the various kitchen remodel projects that are set to sink deep into your pocket. But who says you have to spend a fortune on every aspect of your kitchen at once. One of the kitchen remodelings that has been saving homeowners for decades is cabinet refacing. Cabinet refacing can give your kitchen a total facelift without breaking the banks. It’s highly efficient, time and money-saving and you can get to save up to half the cost of replacing all new cabinetry. Before going into more reasons why you should consider cabinet refacing for your next kitchen remodel.

What exactly is cabinet refacing?

As the name suggests, cabinet refacing involves changing the face of your cabinets. This means the cabinet ‘skin’ is removed and resurface with a new veneer or laminate to give the cabinet a dramatic new look. This requires some changes to your existing cabinets including the doors, drawers, handles, and drawer pulls, hardware new ones.

Is cabinet refacing a good option?

Are your existing kitchen cabinets well-constructed and in good condition? Is your kitchen storage still meeting your needs? Is your existing kitchen layout perfect as it is? If you answer yes to these questions but your cabinets are experiencing scratch or crack or you just want to give your kitchen a desired different look. Cabinet refacing is a great option to achieve this without necessarily having to take down the entire cabinet.

If however, your kitchen cabinet does not meet any of the standards mentioned above or you want custom cabinetry, replacing the cabinet might be the way to go. Moreover, your cabinet sometimes might be in good shape but you might be experiencing storage options, one way is to get wine storage online in Ontario.

What are the benefits of cabinet refacing?

Here are the top reasons why you should consider a cabinet refacing for your next kitchen remodel.

It is a cost-saving Cabinet

Refacing is a simple project that is cost-saving. You do not need to change your kitchen layout or get rid of the cabinets entirely. It only requires some finishes and touchups and this can cut down the cost to almost half of new custom cabinetry.

You experience less inconvenience

Complete remodeling can be a messy inconvenience that renders your kitchen totally unusable. However, kitchen refacing doesn’t require much and the whole process can be carried out in a day or couple of days without causing an unnecessary mess. This way, you get to enjoy your new kitchen in no time with fewer disruptions.

It’s a good way to save the environments

Cabinets boxes are still perfect and there is no need to jet them in the landfills in the case of refacing. This means harmful chemicals they are being made up are not being released to the environment which can be hazardous to the landfill but safe for home use. Therefore, refacing is an eco-friendly way of protecting the environment.

You benefit from countless style options

With cabinet refacing, you have access to different style options that will match the overall kitchen aesthetics you crave for. Is it the veneer? There are hundreds of veneer types both for laminates and natural woods. How about the color? You can customize the cabinet color to matches the kitchen style you desire. Need more storage solutions for your newest collections in luxury kitchen appliances Ontario, you can add double stacked cabinets to get your cabinets reaching the ceilings.
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