Best Freezer buying tips 2021


Nothing beats the joy of taking in some chilled drinks or water to cool off on those hot summer days. And to keep the veggies or any left-over cooked fresh all week long to enjoy at a later date, a freezer does the trick. Hence, if you are one of those who love buying things in bulk to save those extra bucks and to avoid taking frequent trips to the store, or you enjoy the luxury of those quick fixes when those hunger pangs come knocking, then a standalone freezer becomes a must-have. You sure will make do with enough space to fulfill your freezer needs. 

However, you might think buying a freezer should be as easy as anything until you find yourself lost in freezers online Ontario with a wide range of options, sizes, types, and features. That is why we have put together this buying guide to ensure your freezer shopping is a hassle-free one. With this, you will know what type of freezer to opt for and tips to get the right one that is suitable for your needs and budget. 

Decide on the type of  freezer you want

The 2 most popular types of freezers are upright and chest freezers. Here we examine what they entail including the pros and cons to help you make informed decisions. 

Upright freezer

Just like the name suggests, an upright freezer appears longer and similar in shape to a refrigerator. They are commonly known for the convenience they offer and can easily fit in a small space. There are many organizational tools including various compartments and drawers that make organization easy. If you like to pull out your kitchen without having to put all the freezer in a whole mess, this option is a sure bet. However, one of the disadvantages is that they do not deep freeze like a chest freezer which means if there is any power outage, food will tend to spoil faster than a chest freezer. Besides, it tends to come at a heavier price than other types. 

Chest freezer 

A chest freezer is the most widely used for good reasons. It holds temperature well enough which makes it a great energy-efficient appliance. Besides, they are more economical, more wide open with storage space for your food items, and can keep food frozen longer if you are not opening the freezer recklessly. One of the major drawbacks is that organization is not so easy with this type and reaching out to items at the bottom of the freezer can be messy and frustrating especially when they are frozen. Besides, they require manual defrost which can be time-consuming. On a plus side, it is a great option for anyone looking to cut down costs both in purchase and energy saving. 

Check out other details

There are other important things you need to consider before dashing to the store and this include:


Where your freezer will be placed is one important thing to consider. Ideally, freezers should be in the kitchen or anywhere close to it like the dining. Consider the space available to determine the type of freezer to go for. If it is a chest freezer, make sure there is enough room for it. If you are going for the upright one, consider if there will be space to swing the door either right or left. Moreover, most freezer manufacturers boast that their freezer can operate in a room with a temperature reaching up to 110° F. Hence, ensure the appliance is not placed in a room above that level. 


Size is another thing that can influence your buying decisions and one you should be aware of. Freezers come in different sizes from small to medium to large. To determine the right size for you, you have to consider your storage needs and the capacity required. While an avid cook or someone who cooks and stores food for more weeks will need a bigger size, small size will do for someone who prefers to eat out. 

Energy efficiency

Your freezer will be up 24/7 and it means energy is running as well. To avoid paying huge energy bills, you need a freezer that is energy efficient. Hence, look out for energy star models that can perform well in energy use and help save up on energy cost in the long haul. 

Power outage performance

If the power outage is a problem in your area, the blackout performance is one huge factor you want to make a priority. You want to keep your produce and food intact even if there is a power outage for days. For blackout performance, the chest freezer has been renowned to outperform others. 

Look out for other extras

While all standalone freezers are meant to deep freeze your stuff, others come with other benefits you might consider. 

Door lock:

If you have kids that might tend to open the freezer countless times, put it in the lock to keep the kids away and better manage the food inside it. 

Power-on light

This is the light on the outside of the freezer that informs you whether the freezer is working or not without you having to open it. 

Frost-free option

If you want to avoid manual defrosting freezer which sometimes takes hours, a frost-free freezer can is a way to go about it. This feature keeps the frost from forming while it performs its work efficiently. So, it saves a lot of hard work of defrosting regularly.