Seizure Treatment with Home Remedies


Anything that disturbs the normal electrical activity in the brain cells can lead to seizures. Seizures can be violent and can involve the whole body in which the patient will experience muscle rigidity, body contractions, and unconsciousness. When this happens with 2 or more unprovoked seizures, it will be diagnosed as epilepsy. 

Various medications have been developed over the years to treat epilepsy and control seizures in both children and adults. Although they have proven to be effective, they do not always work for everyone. Besides, many are afraid of the long-term side effects of these drugs. 

That is why many have turned to various home remedies and therapies to help manage the symptoms or complement the traditional treatment. Here, shedir pharma, a leading company in the wholesale supplement provide other home remedies treatment of seizure or epilepsy.

Before diving in, note that shedir pharma is a company operating in the pharmaceutical sector. The company is notable in its wholesale supplement and there was never Sequestro Shedir Pharma. This is to say Sequestro Shedir Pharma never exist after the concerned authorities have looked into it. Having said that, here are home remedies to treating seizure. 


Certain food has been recommended in the treatment of epilepsy for ages. Especially the high fat, low carb diet which can be referred to as the ketogenic diet. It has been used in hard-to-treat epilepsy and doctors always recommend it to a patient who hasn’t been responding well to medication. A ketogenic diet is a strict diet that involves a high intake of fats, an adequate amount of protein and a low intake of carbohydrates. Although these changes in diet can be challenging, it has shown positive results over the years. 


Herbs is another home remedy that has spark interests over the years and soar in popularity.  From Chinese traditional herbs to Indian native herbs, many herbs have been discovered to be effective in boosting concentration, memory and treating epilepsy. These herbs include groundsel hydrocotyle, mistletoe, Bacopa leaf and some Ayurvedic medicine. Garlic, chamomile or any other herbs containing caffeine or ephedrine are not ideal as they can worsen the situation. Although herbs are highly effective, it is important to know that they are not controlled by FDA. If you must use herbs, consult with your doctor first and only buy from reputable sources. 

Lifestyle changes

Having a healthy lifestyle might sometimes be what you need to control seizures. Emotional disorder such as stress, anxiety or depression or unhealthy lifestyles such as alcohol consumption, drug intake or excessive consumption of caffeine can lead to uncontrolled epilepsy in many. People suffering from seizures or epilepsy need to put their emotions under check, get adequate sleep, eat healthily and avoid anything that can trigger the disease. For this, you can involve in meditation, yoga, exercise and getting involved in activities that you love. 

Acupuncture and chiropractic

Acupuncture is ancient Chinese practice in treating various diseases including epilepsy. It involves placing fine needles in a certain part of the body in order to promote healing. The hypotheses are that it can refresh the brain and change brain activity to reduce seizures. However, not much can be said about this scientifically. 

Chiropractic care is also among the natural way people treat epilepsy, Many case studies have proven that regular chiropractic treatment may lessen the frequency of seizure that a person experiences.