Industrial Switch Solution of Offshore Oil and Gas Exploitation

industrial switch

Compared with land exploitation, the industrial switch solutions to offshore oil and gas exploitation are relatively difficult in technology. Due to environmental constraints, unlike single wells, metering rooms, combined stations, and treatment plants on land, offshore oil platforms are mainly used for exploitation. These platforms often have the functions of drilling, oil production, processing, storage, transportation, office, and living, so they are also called mobile castles. It mainly includes a wellhead platform, central platform, FPSO, etc. It is connected to the land production center through a submarine pipeline and optical cable. Network communication is mainly based on optical fiber and microwave.

Offshore oil and gas exploitation platforms are not only carrying the task of energy collection in China but also the first line of defense for China’s local security. Its importance is self-evident. With the improvement of the level of oil and gas production automation, the center’s remote supervision of the platform, production scheduling management, unattended (there is another case: when the platform is in danger and personnel are evacuated, the land center or the central platform can quickly close the valve remotely) and other requirements, the offshore platform and the land are more and more closely connected.

As the fixed facilities for offshore oil and gas exploitation work in the harsh and complex marine environment for a long time and are affected by waves, corrosion, scouring, fatigue, and other adverse factors, it is necessary to have a stable and reliable system to monitor their operation status in real-time and continuously. As the basic communication facilities of the monitoring system, the network system needs to provide stable data transmission services in the same environment. The network equipment, such as industrial switches, It shall be capable of long-term stable operation in wide temperature, corrosion, and vibration environment, and provide high-performance communication support for SCADA, video, voice, and other multi-service systems.

Offshore oil and gas

In view of the characteristics of the offshore oil and gas production platform, to build its secure communication network solution, the following three aspects should be met at least:

1) Network Architecture

a. In order to ensure the network communication capability, the bandwidth of industrial switches should meet the needs of business peak and leave a certain margin;

b. Under allowable conditions, the offshore platform shall try to adopt two redundancy forms of optical fiber and wireless communication (such as a microwave). In order to ensure emergency communication, it is suggested to add the Beidou emergency communication system;

c. Industrial control system and land terminal (wellhead platform, etc.) or other systems shall be divided into two areas, and one-way technical isolation means shall be adopted between the areas;

d. The offshore industrial control system shall be divided into different security domains according to the business characteristics, and technical isolation means shall be adopted between the security domains;

2) Communication Transmission

Since the remote shut-off method is required after the emergency evacuation of the personnel on the offshore platform, in order to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the data in the wireless communication process, it is recommended to deploy industrial firewalls at the data sending end and receiving end, enable VPN function, and establish a dedicated communication link.

3) Trusted Verification

Using the self-learning white list technology of industrial control safety monitoring and auditing, the network communication behavior modeling is carried out, and the key configuration parameters of communication equipment such as industrial switches are recorded; Thus, the system boot program, system program, important configuration parameters, and communication application program of the communication equipment such as the industrial switch can be verified, and the alarm will be given after the credibility is detected to be damaged, and the results will be sent to the full security management center (i.e., the unified security management platform).

Through years of technical accumulation, we have customized a set of network communication solutions according to the above requirements of offshore oil and gas production platforms. Its characteristics are as follows:

High Reliability:

industrial switch equipment, EMC 4 level design, IP67 protection level, “three proofs” treatment, salt spray corrosion prevention, and resistance to equipment corrosion in marine humid and salt fog environment

High Performance:

industrial switch equipment, full Gigabit networking, large bandwidth, video transmission without jamming

High Stability:

industrial switch equipment, real-time monitoring of network status, self-healing of network loop detection, storm suppression, self-healing recovery of loop network fault < 20ms

High Security:

operation monitoring abnormal alarm, user classification, authentication encryption, and meeting GB / t22239 level protection security; VLAN technology can be physically isolated. It supports 802.1x and port security access authentication to prevent illegal access. Ensure that only trusted equipment can access the industrial control network; Only trusted messages can be transmitted on the industrial control network; Only trusted software can be executed; Only one central platform can control.

The industrial switch equipment complies with the iec60068-2-6 standard and meets the vibration requirements of offshore platforms.

Industrial switch equipment, dual redundant protection power supply, – 40 ~ 85 ℃ wide temperature, nuclear grade seismic grade I design

As an industrial network communication service provider, we have so far served many fields such as power, oil, petrochemical, rail transit, manufacturing, gas, water, and coal. In the field of petroleum and petrochemical, we will continue to be based on the industry-leading industrial switch equipment to provide a solid network security guarantee for the offshore oil and gas production platform “digital offshore oil”, and “interconnected offshore oil” and “smart offshore oil”!