Top 5 Y2K Hairstyles That Are Still Popular


Even though we’re moving at a rapid speed toward the future, the past always appears to pop back up. Be it fashion or beauty, regardless of the industry, there are still many 2000s trends that are high in popularity in current times. Y2K, short for, the Year 2000, is back with its latest fashion fads. In fact, Y2K fashion is one of the well-known styling concepts that refer to trends that are repeating themselves even after two decades.

This indicates, that the fashion of the 2000s is back and thriving. From thin eyebrows to chunky highlights, glossy lips, and bold makeup, some of the Y2K fashion trends are going viral even today. The craze of Y2K fashion and beauty extends to hairstyling, too.

They are many Y2K hairstyles that are still in full rage and all thanks to social media platforms, celebrities, influencers, and TikTokers. From high ponytails to space buns and flipped ends, Y2K hairstyles are enjoying all the limelight.

Are you also interested in trying any of the Y2K hairstyles? Or looking for the best and most unique Y2K hairstyling idea? If yes, listed below are some of the most famous Y2K hairstyles that are still popular and worth a try.

Top Y2K Hairstyles Worth Trying 

  • Space Bun

Space Bun

A space bun is one of the favorite Y2K hairstyles that still look good and fun. Space buns never fail to impress no matter the occasion or event.

They bring so much positivity and amp up your personality one notch higher. Further, it is one of the few hairstyles that can lift your mood instantly. So, why not give it a try to stand out in the crowd?

There are endless ways to achieve a perfect space bun hairstyle. This includes

  • Work Buns: Who said space buns are just confined to concerts or a girl’s party? You can nail this hairstyle at your office also. Keep your hair tidy, wear a blazer, and you are ready to rock the day.
  • Millennial Pink: Adding a touch of color and glitter to your galaxy buns can work wonders for your overall personality.
  • Universe Buns: Universe buns are hairstyles that include everything from glitter to braids, and a zig-zag section.
  • Make It Wavy: Whether you have to attend an evening party or movie date, long hair waves when clubbed with a space bun crown can make you look attractive at any event.
  • High Ponytails

High Ponytails

A high ponytail is one of the most versatile and easy-to-do Y2K hairstyles that looks great on every female.

Whether you are wearing a gown for a formal event or carrying a casual look, a high ponytail complements your overall look in the best way possible. No matter what you are wearing, this quick hairdo is always a safe choice. Some of the types of high ponytails that you can try are listed below.

  • A Wavy Look: Are you looking for a high ponytail hairstyle for a special event? If yes, try a wavy-styled ponytail with a small puff in the front. This Instagrammable hairstyle will make your hair look great and voluminous.
  • Ponytail With Side Braid: A ponytail with a messy side braid is an excellent way to spruce up your personality. You can also add some color to your ponytail to look great.
  • Retro Ponytail Style: Are you interested in making your ponytail look classier? If yes, give it a retro feel. All you have to do is wrap a side part of your hair near the base of the pony and add a small puff to feel retro vibes in no time. Make sure to leave a few strands.

To feel more 2000s vibes, you can use hair accessories, add braids, or play with texture to come up with your own version of the good ponytail.

  • Pigtails


Pigtail is a common hairstyle that consists of two parts of hair tied on each side. This hairstyle looks super cute, fun, and cool on kids. However, why should kids have all the fun? Many big stars like Ariana Grande have been photographed nailing high pigtail hairstyles.

Whether you are exercising, doing chores, or want to spice your casual look, you can make this hairstyle whenever you want.

You can try high, low, or half-up pigtails as per your taste and choice.

  • Flipped Ends

Flipped Ends

Who doesn’t like flipped ends? They are so easy and simple yet look so elegant. Even a sleek straight bob can elevate your personality in no time. Whether flipping your ends in or out, both add some dimension to the high ponytail trend.

  • Bandanas


Bandanas are one of the most stylish hair accessories from the Y2K era. From tying your hair back to adding a cover to your messy hair, you can use a bandana for different purposes.

In The End…

We hope you got a little inspiration to rock Y2K hairstyles. In case we have skipped any important hairstyle from the Y2K era, don’t forget to comment below