Vinnie Hacker : Everything You Need To Know About The Hype House Star

Vinnie Hacker

If you use Tik Tok and follow Social Media, then the name Vinnie Hacker is not alien to you. He is an internet celebrity who is gaining popularity with each passing day. However, he was badly roped in a controversy that ruined his birthday. Read to find out what really happened.

Who is Vinnie Hacker?

2022 is Vinnie Hacker’s 20th year on the planet. He was born on July 14, 2002. Vinnie Hacker’s full name is Vinnie Cole Hacker. He spent his childhood in Seattle, Washington, where he was born. From a wealthy Christian family, he emerged. US citizen Hacker was born under the Cancer zodiac sign. Maria and Nate Hacker are his parents (mother). His mom is a 911 operator and his dad is an electrician. Not only that, but he also has a brother called Reggie Hacker who earns a livelihood in baseball.

In addition, he went to the top 170 sports schools across the country, which happened to be the best sports school in Washington state. Baseball and making others laugh have both fascinated him since he was a kid.

Vinnie Hacker

Vinnie is quite a good-looking man. He is a youthful, handsome man who has an approachable and fashionable air. He measures 5 feet, 8 inches tall, and packs an athletic punch (1.72 m). He weighs around 59 kg (130 lbs). Hacker’s short, fashionable dark brown hair complements his alluring chocolate brown eyes. He is covered in tattoos from head to toe.


Tight pals include Avani Gregg, Mason Gaines, Nailea Devora, Chase Hudson, the D’Amelio Sisters, and others from the world of social media, and he has a close relationship with his uncle, a Veteran. He is also active in influential online communities such as Sway Gaming, Hype House, and The University of Diversity. Poncho Hacker, his pet dog, lives with him at home as well.

Vinnie’s Claim To Fame

Having Vinnie Hacker as a participant in the white-collar amateur boxing tournament marketed as Battle of the Platforms by Social Gloves helped boost his profile. The June 12, 2021 event matched YouTubers against TikTokers at Hard Rock Stadium located in Miami Gardens, Florida. In the evening’s semi-main event, Team TikTok’s Hacker competed against Team Deji’s British YouTuber Deji. In the first round of the battle, Deji was successful in landing more blows than Hacker. In the second round, though, Hacker staged a remarkable comeback and ultimately emerged victorious. Vinnie Hacker stepped up his aggression in the third round, landing a flurry of blows. After a grueling three rounds, he knocked out his opponent with a technical knockout to earn the victory for Team TikTok in the Battle of the Platforms. While the rest of Team TikTok was humiliated by Team YouTube, Hacker’s win was praised by his followers and fellow TikTokers throughout the world.

 Vinnie’s Relationship Status

Vinnie Hacker is presently engaged after having two prior relationships. His first ex-girlfriend, popular TikTok inventor Faith Ordway, is referenced. They had been dating for some time before they broke up, but they never discussed it. Then he began dating another social media celebrity—American, performer, actor, and TikTok content producer Addison Rae. They also tried their best to keep their relationship hidden, but their relationship didn’t last.

As of the year 2022, rumors have it that Vinnie Hacker is dating someone who is not a social media inventor. On Harry Jowsey’s podcast, Tap In, he made the announcement. He has been romantically associated with creators including Renata Ri and Nikita Dragun, and he purportedly dated TikToker Faith Ordway.

Vinnie Hacker Tiktok

The number of people who follow him on TikTok has risen to over 15.1 million. He’s a famous content creator thanks to the over 556K people that subscribe to his channel on YouTube. Also, he has garnered 817K followers on Twitch, where he plays video games live.

The Controversy That Landed Vinnie in Trouble

In 2022, Vinnie Hacker’s birthday was ruined by allegations that he used a derogatory epithet against black people. A Twitter user posted a clip from Hacker’s Twitch show, in which he briefly remarked, “Thank you for the sub,” before the message was erased.

Vinnie Hacker, who is famous for his comedic skits and lip-sync videos, answered by saying that he was just grateful to his Twitch audience for following him. Many of Hacker’s supporters also stepped out to defend him.

As of the writing of this article, his original tweet in response to the call-out post has over 900 comments and 10,000 likes.

Even though the original call-out tweet was removed, it was reposted under Vinnie Hacker’s tweet by another Twitter user. While playing Overwatch, Vinnie Hacker thanks his subs and repeats, “Thank you for the sub, thank you for the sub” in the video.

Hacker’s supporters have spoken out against those they believe are trying to “cancel” him. A few people couldn’t understand why Vinnie Hacker would employ the slur in such an isolated instance. Specifically, one person reposted a screenshot of the original poster’s remark, which read:

“I just discovered he said something else, but if we can just pretend he said that, then I can avoid looking at his face, that would be great.”

However, not everyone celebrated Hacker’s birthday with praise on July 14th. A subset of users was clearly there for the sole purpose of being amused by Hacker’s supporters debating on his behalf, despite showing little interest in the discussion at large. The name Vinnie Hacker was trending on Twitter’s explore tab soon after he was accused of saying the racial slur. With more than 35,000 messages referencing Hacker’s perverted language. Vinnie Hacker replied with the tweet, explaining that exhaustion and emotion were getting the better of him.

Vinnie’s Net Worth

Vinnie Hacker Instagram


Earnings are the single most important factor in determining a person’s net worth, and while Vinnie Hacker has a number of profitable sources of income, his primary source of wealth comes from his social media profiles. To sponsor him costs a considerable amount of money, the amount of which depends on the size of his fan base. His videos often receive 500–700,000 views on YouTube, he has 5.8 million Instagram followers and his average number of likes for each post is between 1 and 2 million. He also has 12 million TikTok fans. It is believed that he has a Net Worth of over $1 Million.