Top 6 Glasses for your Work Wardrobe


Your work attire must have one essential that you are completely serious about. In most people cases, glasses are prevalently known for convincing others that you know a lot of things, making you the smarter person in the room. We don’t want to dig the reality of your intellect, but these best designer glasses frames are truly the windows to our brain. A tie can wait, but not glasses, so if you are here to find your other half, you are for some stunning surprise. 

But choosing an ideal pair of glasses is a difficult dare. If not chosen correctly, a pair of glasses can make or break your entire lookbook. When it comes to selecting frames that set well with your work wardrobe, you must consider a frame that’s versatile, elegant and modern. 

Your frames must portray your personality, don’t ever dare to make them boring. Draw your office members or clients to you by giving them a smart and reliable look. Here are some of the best designer frames that’ll accentuate your work wardrobe while making a confident fashion statement.


1. Black Rectangular Acetate Frames

When it comes to a classic office look, going for the basics always work the best. If you are hesitant to experimenting or just avoid too much colorfulness, then rectangle glasses can be your go-to solution. These frames are ideal to be paired with all shades of your work attire for men and women. 

It’s a modern take on a classic retro design, the angles and glossy finish make them worth every praise. Call them your new favorite retro glasses, these sleep designer glasses offer an ultra-modern look while adding more angularities and balance to your face.

2. Round Wooden Glasses

If you love to keep your fashion game on the point then these round vintage glasses might be the perfect pick. The best part of these glasses is being made of wood, making it a sustainable alternative and sophisticated choice for your work attire. The colours are neutral and soothing, making it a great choice for a formal look since we all want to be low-key with outrageous colours. 

Wooden Glasses

These wooden neutrals have a unique colour that can go with anything, and they are essentials for building every man and women wardrobe. Plus, wooden glasses feel utmost lightweight and comfortable to wear for all-time. 

3. Oversized Square Frames

If you are still in love with the retro vibes, the square oversized glasses are back for you to relive the classic era of the 70s. You can make a ‘wow’ statement with them instantly. Instead of oversized frames in round or cat-eye shapes, square ones are all the rage right now. 

Square glasses

In addition to being a hot trending frame, oversized frames are proven to provide maximum protection from the sun, especially if you are wearing lenses with anti-UV coating. 

4. Metal Minimal Frames

Coming directly from your favorite 90s sitcom! Sturdy and sleek, metallic frames are best if you want to channel your inner diva. Making a sophisticated statement, these frames are lightweight and are suitable for an everyday look. If you aren’t big fans of chunky or thick frames and want to keep your frames lightweight and less noticeable, this style is perfect for you. 

Metal glasses

The best part about these metallic frames is that they are equally serious and fashionable, making it a perfect choice for the work wardrobe.

5. Cat-eye Metal Glasses

No list is ever complete without the iconic cat-eye frames. These glasses embody sheer chicness and elegance in a single glance. Little less versatile than its counterpart, cat-eye frames make you modish and confident, making it perfect for interviews and important meetings. Don’t forget to style your hair that matches effortlessly with your glasses. 

Cateye glasses

Adele frames made a perfect pick for women who wants to stand out sartorially. These frames are made out of premium and lightweight metal with a hint of colours at the edges. Coming in beautiful cocoa brown, these cat-eye frames come in beautiful details that are attractive in all different ways.

6. Tortoiseshell Frames

Going for a retro look, tortoiseshell frames are essentials for both men and women. These frames have been a strong fashion statement for decades now, particularly from the James Dean era. There’s never a time that tortoiseshell isn’t all the rage, and rightly so, these frames are a seamless match to every look, occasion, and attire. Tortoiseshell is termed so because the frames look like the shell of a tortoise. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathaway, and Kendall Jenner have been seen donning them many times.

glasses online

Tortoiseshell frames will suit every face shape and go well with every outfit. Even men’s glasses have started featuring tortoiseshell designs. 

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