How to find the Strength for your Reading Glasses?

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Buying prescription glasses for the first time can be complicated and difficult. The world of glasses isn’t always easy for newcomers. Especially if you come across certain jargonic terms. In case you need reading glasses, you might struggle to know if you have a refractive error or not in the beginning stages. 

Here’s a little tip for when you are unsure if you require reading glasses or not – when you face headache and excessive eye-strain while reading. It’s not a sign of concern, rather a sign of aging. By the time you reach 40 years of age, your eyes tend to weaken naturally. It’s a common condition called presbyopia which requires a lot of energy to do the same work that you used to do properly. Reading your favorite restaurant menu can turn tough along with reading or seeing anything clearly that’s close-by. 

Once presbyopia sets in, you must get reading glasses. However, understanding the strength you need can be perplexing.

Read on to find out how to choose the perfect reading glasses for you. 

Who needs reading glasses?

If you are still doubtful about whether you need reading glasses or not, here are some quick questions that you can answer to conclude:

Is it difficult for you to read small texts?

Do your eyes feel tired, especially after reading or working on a computer?

Do you have to hold things close to your face to read them easily?

Are you at the age of 40 or over?

If you answered one or two then it may not mean that you require reading glasses. But if you’ve experienced all of these things, then reading glasses must be the first thing in your shopping list. 

You can find affordable reading glasses online made out of high-quality material that is stylish and helpful for your eyes. Browse through millions of fashionable, chic, and comfortable eyewear to look and feel the best. Now that you know you require reading glasses, go on to explore your lens strength and style right now. Believe us, it’s no child play. You’ll be flooded with funky, sensual, smart, and minimalistic designed frames in a diverse range of colors, designs, and shapes. 

reading glasses

How to determine the strength in reading glasses?

A strength in glasses denotes the lens prescription you’ll need. The number used to determine the strength in glasses are called diopters. The term determines the measure of magnification level in your reading glasses. 

The lower number of magnifications in reading glasses start around +1.00 and shoot up around +4.00.  A lower number signifies less magnification while a higher suggests a strong magnification.  As you age, the strength of your eyeglasses increases by +0.25 diopters. 

The strength of your reading glasses lens is dependent on your age, reading distance, and if you wear prescription glasses for other refractive errors. In general, the older you are, the higher the number would be prescribed to you. 

The common charge of strength in reading glasses goes by –

  • Aged between 35-40 –  Starts with +1.00 diopters
  • Aged between 45-50  –  Starts with +1.5 diopters
  • Aged 50 or over – Starts with +2.00 diopters
  • Over the age of 60 – Starts with +3.00

This is a rough guide, for an accurate prescription, you must consider all the major factors of reading glasses. 

Get an eye test

If you are still struggling to determine the reading glasses strength, then get your eyes test. After a comprehensive eye examination, the optometrist would hand your prescription and eye change witnessed. The prescription would contain the accurate strength of your prescription glasses that you can send or use while shopping for glasses online. Specscart offers free eye tests at its Walkden and Bury store for everyone. Drop by to get your prescription, today.