Earrings – Timeless And Elegant Jewelry For Style Conscious Women


Earrings are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry among women – for good reason: They upgrade your outfit and give your look a classy touch. Above all, you can create a wow factor with large earrings: you frame your face and accentuate it in a unique way. With high-quality earrings, you set accents and underline your own personal style. At LimeLight you get a huge selection of earrings online and the high quality you expect. Discover fashionable ear studs and ear clips and be inspired by different materials and color variations.


For a secure fit: the closures on earrings for women

Earrings are incredibly versatile in their design. For example, you can find jewelry with different closure techniques. The most popular types include:

  • Ladies closure
  • Stud earrings
  • Ear hooks
  • Hoop earrings
  • Ear clip

The classic ladies’ fastener is used very often because it is considered safe and easy to use. Here it is sufficient to put the hook through the ear hole and fold it into the brisure. Studs, which you can find in small earrings, are just as popular. An earing stud can simply be passed through the ear hole and secured from the other side with a screw. You will discover the ear hook with hanging earrings. You hang it in your ear hole and provide it on the back with a silicone stopper, which is usually included. The famous hoop earrings are available with different types of closure.

Moreover, to the usual closure, in which the pin or wire is pushed into the opposite tube, there is the French closure. Here the wire can be clicked into the fork on the opposite side of the earring.

It’s all in the shape – which ear studs or clips fit your face?

To make your face shine and skillfully highlight your contours, some earrings for women are particularly suitable. Your face type is decisive for this. Depending on whether you have a round or square face, certain models are recommended.

Earrings Design

  • Square face: If you have a square face, you are well-advised to wear round earrings, such as lush hoop earrings. This will give your face softer contours.
  • Round face: You can visually stretch a round face a little with long, narrow earrings, such as pendants with striking stones or feathers.
  • Heart-shaped face: A heart-shaped face looks extremely harmonious with a large round or trapezoidal earrings.
  • Oval face: A wide variety of models look good on an oval face – form small stud earrings to large hoop earrings.

In addition to the shape of your face, when choosing earrings for women, it is advisable to orient yourself to your complexion. Style experts differentiate between the four types of seasons.

  • Spring type: The spring type has a rather light hair color, honey or dark blond, various red or light brown tones are possible. The eyes are usually yellow-green, turquoise, brown or amber, the complexion is light with a warm undertone. As a spring type, you should orientate yourself best on gold, rose gold, copper or brass and bright colors such as orange, turquoise or green when it comes to earrings.
  • Summer type: In the summer type, the hair is also light, shades of blonde and ash brown are typical. The eyes are usually blue, blue-green, gray or gray-blue, the complexion light with a slightly rosy or bluish tinge. If you belong to this color type, cool precious metals such as silver and white gold are recommended for earrings, pastel tones are a great choice in terms of color.
  • Autumn type: Characteristic for the autumn type is dark blonde or brown hair, often with a golden or reddish sheen. The eyes are usually green, green-brown or dark brown, and the complexion is often tanned. They made of rose gold, copper or brass, as well as warm and muted colors, are possible autumn types.
  • Winter type: The winter type has dark hair and eyes, and there are two options for the complexion. The skin is either very light or quite dark with an olive undertone. For the earrings, it is best to choose cool precious metals such as silver, white gold or platinum as the winter type; in terms of color, you can choose a strong red, green or aquamarine.

Ultimately, of course, it depends on which colors you feel comfortable with. You personally can best judge whether a cool silver tone suits you better than a warm gold tone. To do this, you can position yourself in front of the mirror, for example, and alternately hold gold and silver jewelry to your ear. Now it is entirely up to you to decide: Which jewelry will make you feel more attractive?